Flogging my GSX650F; anyone interested?

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Just double tapping this as I am currently in the obvious, bought a brand spankers Z1000SX before I left and am a bit desperate to get rid.

In the spirit of discussion, rather than hijacking a forum to sell shit: Z1000SX. Awesome, absolutely cracking, but slightly annoying that Kawasaki require no more than 4000 RPM for the first 600 miles (Honda go for 6000). Any thoughts on running in bike engines?
The break-in period (I am surprised it's 0.6k now and not 1k miles) is the worst but the patience (hah!) does pay off in the longer term. This is what I did for my brand new ZX6R (in the U.S.) anyways, haven't had any issues:
  • There is no absolute 4k only rule all the time - stay generally around it
  • Give it some revs (>4k) from time to time, but briefly
  • Keep your rides short-ish, 50 to 100 miles at a time. Helps the engine to "cycle" - full op.temp to cool down
  • Try and vary your constant RPM cruises if possible (preferably below 4k again), so it gets used to the different RPM ranges
  • Don't just start-up and set off, at least 30secs of idling time - no more than a minute though - new engines are pretty quick to warming up in cold.
Drive safe and enjoy your new ride!

p.s: If I were you, I would flush the oil at 600 miles and not 1000 miles. And still be a bit sensible till you hit the 1k mile mark. Bikes have come along, but for me and most others that's "official" the end of the boring period.
Thanks RS. I did an oil and filter change at 150 (after some advice from a mate). it's due the first service at 600 and then I can up it to 6000rpm up to 1000 miles.

Good advice, cheers. Do you want the GSX? ;)