Floaters, as in the optical problem.

I reckon since my original application was deferred last year, my eyesight has got worse. It was borderline but within limit when I took an eye test as part of my original application, but now i'm convinced it's worse.

The main problem is short sightedness in the right eye. My dominant eye is the left, and my vision in that is blurred in small areas by floaters, when I flick my eye left or right, the floater follows a milisecond later and lingers in the lower centre of vision, before 'sinking' downwards in my vision. Wierd huh?

I hope to God i'm being paranoid here and nothings changed, but i bet there's a lot reading this who can understand how paranoid you can get before a second application!

Anyone who's serving with this problem like to reassure me, or anyone who's having trouble getting in because of this?

Im applying for the first time but since im just waiting for the ADSC now Ive started finding all sorts of "problems" with myself, which when I think about it aren't problems its just me being a dick.

Good luck, i dont suffer this (touchwood, chances are i'll think i do soon though) so can't offer any advice but keep positive, hope you're just imagining things like i do!
Have you considered going to a high street optician with your concerns?

'Floaters' should be checked out. If you're just being paranoid then the optician will be able to reassure you. If it really IS getting worse then they will be in the best position to advise you what to do.

Don't risk your eyes - get it checked sooner rather than later.

If you are experiencing unsightly floaters embarassingly bobbing up and down in your pan like slightly bloated, brown, reeking corpses; you probably have a high fibre content in your diet. Get some ginsters down your neck and your stools will be descending into the murky depths before the water hits your balloon knot.
I've had floaters in both eyes - right especially - since my teens. Never a problem with army service, practical or otherwise.

Worth a check-up to see they're not being caused by any underlying disease - 99.99% aren't - and then simply tell the people at your medical.

Floaters are usually nothing more than dead cells floating in the fluid coating the eyeballs. They will be more noticeable to you on bright days, looking at a light-coloured background - or if you get very tired.

Bad news is they get worse with age, as your sight in general does.

Good luck!

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