FLM2009 Closed ?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by polar69, May 25, 2008.

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  1. Just tried to register online for next years London Marathon, only to find the ballot is now closed, thats a record 6 weeks after the last FLM

    what a swizz !
  2. Not suprising, you may still be able to enter through a charity though.
  3. They are going to release a certain amount of entries via the usual postal ballot as they are aware that not everyone has internet access, not sure when though so you may have to check on their website weekly to get one.
    I, on the otherhand, just get my automatic good for age entry!

    *sits back and gloats*
  4. What the charitys that want a £1000 minimum donation ? I think not. Or how about the charitys that agree to you doing it for them after you've made it through the ballot then when you raise over £700 for them don't bother to say thank you ?
  5. Also, if you have been applying for 5 years (I think but haven't got in) you get an automatic place. Or, if you like running as well as swimming and cycling. Why don't you try an IM?