Well my cheque for the London Marathon has been cashed so that ( in theory ) means I'm in after 3 years of knock backs

Anyone else in arrse land doing the FLM2006?


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Good luck Polar, if you have indeed got an entry to the Flora London Marathon next year....great, life-affirming event...don't let the Wombles beat you home !

I'll sponsor you for a fiver whatever charity you run for (and I'll cheer you on if you're running with a sign on your back saying 'for the 'L' of it ' ).

If you haven't picked a charity, please consider Combat Stress...their fund-raising section
(email dfprsec@combatstress.org.uk) would love to hear from you.

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I wasn't going to run for a charity, but now thinking about it, just a case of finding a good one

so any charidees out there , nows your chance to pitch !!
Well they cashed my cheque, but that may just mean that I am getting a nice fleece out of it. No worries! :roll:

May I recommend the Guide Dogs as a delightful charidee? They have lovely cute little woofters. You could even run with a blind person (although be careful they don't try to measure your kitchen window for a nice little Roman number on the way round). They do provide you with heaps of help.

Try www.guidedogs.org.uk

You may even get some free loo roll!

Can I add the SMA as a charity, it stands for spinal muscualr atrophy, kids born with it usually never walk as it affects the muscles of the lower limbs, and usually only live to late 50's. My axe on this is my grnadson has it and anything raised will help find a cure one day.

Not offended if you pick something else as whatever you pick will benifit and that is a good thing.
Sorry forgot to say for any interested parties that apparently (according to running websites), cheques cashed on 28/10 mean that you are in, cheques cashed on 02/11 mean you are not (that is if you bequeathed).

Therefore I look forward to my fleece- at least I can be warm when I watch it on TV. :cry:
In a blatent attempt to increase sponsorship I'd like to thank the 3 arrsers who have so far sponsored me for the Flora London Marathon this year

So ....

Whitenoisebabies, Dale the snail and Auld Yin thank you very much !!!!

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