Flip-flops 'ban'

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Jul 20, 2013.

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  1. Council workers have been told not to wear flip-flops and other inappropriate clothing to work during the hot weather.
    Plymouth City Council told staff they "shouldn't be showing too much flesh and flip-flops are a definite no-no".
    Unions said staff were working in "uncomfortably hot" offices.
    The council said there were "no set rules" but it had asked staff not to wear flip-flops in the "polite reminder".
    More @ BBC News - Flip-flops 'ban' for Plymouth City Council staff
  2. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Hardly a news story, we had a similar ban on flip-slops when I was in the army. Not because it looked out of place but because it was difficult to bull five toe nails up to an acceptable standard.
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  3. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    Idi Amin did that.

    Banned wearing Flip Flops in Entebbe. The punishment was being locked up until you'd eaten them.

    He the leader and the ruler and the king of the sea.[​IMG]
  4. I would suspect that an entire office of Janners displaying their webbed feet to all and sundry would be reason enough to keep the fuckers thoroughly shod at all times.
  5. What, not even by burning off the irregularities with a hot spoon and applying bags of Kiwi, spit and then small circular polishing movements?

  6. See what you mean, shoddy very shoddy.[​IMG]
  7. Quite right as well - why should we council-tax playing plebs be subjected to the sight of oozy toenails seeping fungal jam and the names of all 8 children and various partners tattooed in rose barb-wire from the meta-tarsels upwards. Luv, your ID badge tells me your name is Sharon and you are a Customer Services Advisor. Your ankles tell me that you and Kev are going to be together forever and that at least half of your 8 brats are halfcast as the tatooist has done a shit job of covering up the fact that you and Winston, until last year, were going to be together forever....
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  8. You seem to be confusing council staff with chav scum!
  9. FFS, they'll be banning the Mankini around the water cooler next.
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  10. Absolutely right. If this chap didn't wear flip-flops to war, I bloody well won't wear them in this country.
  11. Are they allowed to wear Crocs?
  12. Not where I live I'm not!
  13. Saw this on another forum, apparently under EU free trade agreements, he is going to sue.

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  14. If the Council Staff can't drum up an amputee employee to be outraged at the Council's insensitivity then there's something wrong. Probably means they're not employing enough amputees, I'm outraged!
  15. Fuck off, that's my flip flop joke. =(