Flintlock pistols - Real or Repro?

Hi troops,
Just spotted this pair of (Miquelet lock?) pistols for sale. They are being touted as being original, but the price more in line with them being repros.

Any ideas on what they are?

If originals, any ideas on which model and where they're from? Spanish perhaps?



Definately repro, may not even be proofed to fire. btw they are flintlocks not miquelet

They are probably of Spanish origin, 70s era.

Fine for the wall but not for the range!

btw they are flintlocks not miquelet
Cheers guys. My first thought was that they were wall hangers, but then I noticed the flash hole, which I wouldn't have expected on non firers.
They definately look Spanish or Portugese.. as CM says they are Flintlocks not Miquelets, however not so sure they are repro without a good fondle..

Flintlocks were used right up to the 1820s and were pretty chunky - if they have been looked after there is no reason to suppose they would not be right. These are pretty standard service pistols, so I would not expect them to be that pricy..
Remember if they are post-1939 repros, they are Section 1.

I bought a repro flintlock musket from Holts recently and have to have it on Section 2.

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