Discussion in 'Travel' started by pieface, May 12, 2008.

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  1. Is it posible to get militay flights for privet travel? Looking to get some leave and want flights that are as cheap as posible.

    If it is posible who do I need to talk to and were do they go? I've look on the army home page and armynet and can find no referance to it.

  2. Yes just contact Ops at Brize or Lyneham and tell them where you would like to go. They are happy to take you to non military locations for privet travel. It gets the crews used to different runways. Last year I got the wife & kids into Corfu in a Herc. They even let me take my car as they wanted to practice lashing a Honda Accord down.
  3. Indeed 58 Pat is bang on with advice.

    Here's a pic of me, the wife and kids taking a fly drive vacation courtesy of the RAF... sorry about the quality of the pic.

  4. What Fu**ing planet are you on 58?!

    Tell em where you'd like to go!? :lol:

    It gets the crews used to different runways!? :lol:

    They wanted to practice lashing down a Honda Accord!? :lol:

    F**k me, I'm finding it hard to breath! :lol: You my friend have either just massively waah'd me or are clearly a Walt! If its the former then top marks to ya :oops:

    Back on track, Pieface the first part of 58's post was sort of correct, call Brize Norton 01993 896050 mil 95461 6050 they will let you know where you can induldge to, then its a case of getting your name down and turning up, there is never any guarantee that you'll get on, but I've not heard of anyone being turned away yet. You will have to sign a waiver stating that you have sufficient funds to return, should there be no RAF flight available and there is a nominal admin fee depending on your destination as an example it cost me £35 for Calgary that was a few years back now mind.

    Oh and leave your motor at home, I think they are well upto scratch on lashing down Accords now! :roll:
  5. Banjo - is that your misses on the Left under the double canopy ?

    Try the Americans they go most places and its a lot cheaper - they even take retired folk, some of whom do world tours, you can even stay on base, which we did in Key West as it was cheap as chips.

    No not a wahhh, we bought a book in the PX which is like a travel brochure for the military. Gave details like BOQ tel numbers, brief description and how to get there
  6. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    i've never ever read a better answer anywhere in this forum :rofl:

    congrats 58 :thumleft:
  7. Talk about hedging your bets... :roll:
  8. A snip at half the price. :roll: