Flights to USA

Can anyone help, you know what things are like i have heard several rumours from guys saying that friends of friends have taken cheap flights whilst on POTL or R&R using Ameruican aviation firms and have said that they have had Cheap flights because they are serving forces personnel. I know that that the US look after their troops. I tried with both VIRGIN and BRITISH AIRWAYS using the telephone number in the FORCES DISCOUNT book, but being good old UK the prices they quoted were more money than online deals thay were running.........
Does anyone know if the cheap US flight rumours are true ????? If they are how do serving soldiers get to hear about them ???
Transatlantic flights I cannot confirm or deny but I know that internal flights, booked in the USA can be subject to a forces discount. Continental do pretty cheap flights into Newark from Bristol and Manchester...£230 return ish. Mind you the aircraft are pretty aged and the in flight entertainment is poor. So it is a real retro seventies experience, so meet them half way and get absolutely shedded!

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