Flights to Europe

At vast expense, I have booked tickets to UK next year via Honkers- Konkers. I thought would spend a couple of days visiting old haunts in Germany whilst over that side of the world.

My first IA was looking up ferries – but these seem to be passé and the way to go these days is el cheapo airlines. The prices seem stupidly cheap !!! Stanstead to Bonn for a quid ??? 8O 8O

What, if any, are the catches?? Have to book 3 Years in advance? Can only fly if your name is Cecil? Have to provide your own AVTAG?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Generally the no-frills airlines are ok. A few things to be aware of:

Read the Terms and Conditions carefully - all the cheapo airlines use them, a la TCH, to ensure they can evade responsibility for anything that may go wrong. Depending on where you are flying from/to, your fellow passengers may resemble the results of a genetic experiment that went horribly wrong, e.g. Newcastle, Liverpool to Majorca or Ibiza. Almost all now require photo ID, but it has to be something on their list - most won't accept mil ID cards!

Specifics, based on own experience:

EasyJet: Always close the check-ins on time, so be early. No pre-booking of seats. Charge for food etc. - take own. Overall not bad. Employ mostly nuclear-tanned chavs - esp. at Liverpool Airport.

RyanAir: Sh1te to nil customer service. Generally fly to GA airfields which may be some distance from actual destination. Operated by gobby Bogtrotter who thinks Londonderry is called Derry, and probably best avoided.

Air Berlin: I have used them a few times and found them excellent.
VB's post seconded, plus:
Beware of their baggage limits; cabin baggage has to be the size of a wallet (or thereabouts. best to check on the websites)
Seat legroom is adequate for Flores man. He's dead, and I've felt sympathy when I foolishly flown with these operators. Mind you, I've felt even worse on Delta, which has to be the worst airline in the world.
I've found you get what you pay for. Easy jet tend to be ok, for about 15 quid, what do you expect to get for your money. They are very specific on the size of the hand baggage, but a reasonable size day sack is fine, and there are no weight limits for the hand baggage. Oh, and take a flask, you have to mortgage essex to get a cup of coffee.

Book early, the price rises hugely the nearer the flight. Personally, i would sit on the wing to get back to blighty for 15 quid, so i turn up for the cheapo flights without any expectations.

So, all in all, if I set my mind back into flying with CrabAir mode I should be well happy with the service I get from a cheapo airline :D
Have to agree with some of them,

Sleazyjet are getting better no limit on weight for hand baggage two pieces etc. Downside they have the worst record for delayed flights due to inbound late aircraft!!!

Ryanscare, Yes check out where you want o go to and then check a map for the airport they use, can sometimes be up to 100km away. They do however supply busses either to the destination city and or nearest rail head ( at a cost).

Air berlin, quite good?

German wings, Quite good but are regular, sorry iv'e changed your flight time, or day of travel? beware.

BMI Baby not bad.

Fly BE, Getting better and more places on their map now, If booked early enough good prices.

If you can book online as you will get most times the best price.
Hope this helps.
Make sure you have enough money in the bank or plenty of spare cash on the credit card. 2 Months ago one called V.bird went bust the day before the missus and nipper were due to fly back to the U.K. :evil:
They just hut up shop didn't even have anyone tell the customers at the airport just no one turned up at the check in desk.
But Virgin and a belgian travel company can't remember there name picked up the ball and gave discounted flights for anyone stranded by it.

But can't praise Easy jet enough they might get you there late but they get you there.

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