Flights of extraordinary rendition

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bowser-Mong, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. At the risk of one of the Mods censoring this or the CIA putting me down to be kidnapped what is your point of view on this subject? I personally think that if someone is guilty or something doesn't add up then I fully support whatever means are at our disposal to ensure that me and mine are kept safe and I for one thank those people who keep me and mine safe.

    The motor mouth for Liberty Chakakhan (or whatever her name is) once again raises her head to criticise people who defend our freedom. Doesnt she realise that these same people are the ones who defend our right to have a democracy that she enjoys and in my opinion violates by spouting off all her cr4p.
  2. Fcuk sorry havent the facility as am using a comp at work. It was the lead story in todays Mail on Sunday. If anyone can help out would appreciate it.
  3. What rendition flights ? 8)
  4. Which is fine if you've got the right person. Who decides?
  5. Many thanks
  6. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Firstly does a 'flight of extraordinary rendition' mean they have a small chamber orchestra providing the entertainment rather than the latest Hollywood film, very classy :wink:

    More seriously, I think the crux of this is what question was asked by the liberty lass. If she did not ask a pertinent question, she may not have received the answer she wanted. I haven't read her initial letter, but the quality of a question denotes the quality of answer, ask any prosecuting barrister. For instance if she asked 'Did CIA planes that may have been used for rendition use the United Kingdom as a way station at any point in their journeys outbound from or inbound to the US?' it would get a different response to 'Was the United Kingdom used by CIA planes rendering people to secret prisons in Europe?'. As most of the prisons were to our east or, as also all the regions from which people were rendered I fail to see why they would fly them to blighty, just to fly them back. Faced with a badly thought out question, and possibly poorly phrased, she may have received an appropriate response.
  7. Rendition (extraordinary or otherwise) is illegal, immoral and counterproductive. Any intelligence gains will be offset by lives lost through terrorist activities for which support has been fuelled by rendition. If it is above-board and so useful, then why not deal with the captives under US law?

    I am reminded of the incident below, and of Kafka's The Trial. By all means endorse this idiocy, but don't complain if - for whatever reason - the finger of suspicion points at you.

  8. The SNP are looking into these flights, which have used Edinburgh and Prestwick and I would be surprised if they haven't stopped over at Leuchars.

    I wonder if these aircraft are monitored by the air defence system.