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Flightradar 24

Positioning maybe, that wouldn't count as pax would it and the tower is manned anyway.

'Personned!!!' :p


Just found it. A "malfunction" claimed in the report - you don't say :grin:

Must be getting a bit expensive - and they are the ones we hear about.

You got a link?
Maybe not for much longer - Digital Tower rumoured to be coming to a London airport this very weekend...
London City Airport completes key airfield infrastructure projects | Airport Business
I've seen concept videos. Personally I don't like it. From a safety perspective I'd rather a human was present at the airfield. I wonder what the failsafe system is? Be great if the screens go dark with a jet short finals and something untoward occurs. (I have some experience)

Still, I'm a dinosaur. Don't care anymore :cool:


War Hero
You got a link?

That's the recent one, and these are last years:


There are two U2's at 60,000 ft over California now for anyone interested.

The two highest men in the world barring those in low orbit on the ISS.

I only saw the one earlier, still in its climb at 47000.