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Flightradar 24


War Hero
B-52 with an engine out holding for Fairford (burning fuel off):

If I recall correctly the SOP for the 737MAX, now suggested by Boeing and just approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), ". . . involves switching all the automation off". ;) !!
A lot more to it than that


Video regarding the latest F35 aircraft to arrive in the UK.

Not a bean. Got my Licence and Operator’s Proficiency Checks in the sim over 3 days next week which as I’ve not flown since March is causing me a degree of discomfort in the lower gut. Some clever arse has written the sim programme to kick off with one of the most difficult handling exercises there is, Flight with Unreliable Airspeed. Basically this involves switching all the automation off, degrading the Flight Controls system and failing all Air Speed Indicators.

Nice little warm up.
If it was for real you could check it with an app on your phone or watch yourself on flight radar. Just mention that to the examiner I bet they will be impressed with your lateral thinking and pass you.

This business of civvy Wokkas and pylons. Actually, such a thing does exist; it’s just in Montana.

They got the first couple of D-models being demobbed out of the Army and set up a CH-47 operation.

Different company, but last year there was a civvy Sea King/S61 sucking water out of our lake to put fires out.

Can’t mistake the sound of either helicopter. In the case of Wokkas, I can feel the vibration in my chest before my old ears hear it. Fkn marvelous feeling knowing there’s a Chinook coming :)

Edited to add gratuitous Wokka porn:

Personally it really irritates me, it's RAF so why FFS is the motto in french(who I don't like anyway)
Dam Busters motto from after the uuuummm Dam Busters raid After me comes the flood so f**k you box headed twats!

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