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Flightradar 24

Squawking 7700.
There are two EUFI's and a tanker regularly together at the Israel coast area at about 24,000. Have seen them a number of times in the last few weeks. The EUFI's come on and off when close to the tanker probably for safety reasons? (I don't know - just a WAG). You got him turning it off probably as he was away from the big one.

Probably getting a different line of approach to their possible target area in a nearby country to the north as they all seem to start out from AKI.

Almost a daily occurrence here, a couple of days ago it became a twice daily occurrence. Outward from AKI they fly over the centre of Israel into Jordan moving eastwards and then disappear from the tracker app. On one evening, they turned around over Jordan and flew over Israel back to AKI. It was someone on this thread that put me onto the phenomenon.
Apparently the crew spent the night in the field to "provide security" . . .
What that REALLY means . . . is that they couldn't find a hotel !! ;) .
We asked about them in the early 80’s but the head-shed said they would make us “complacent”
Same as the offer of AH-64As because 'our NCO pilots wouldn't be able to cope'.
@Ritch - You've probably seen these before but if not - watch them.



Purely a guess, but if they all depart aircraft simultaneously & maintain runway heading there is divergence between the traffic.
Unless they’re both on Westerleys where Lakenheath points straight at Mildenhall plus at that proximity ATC would be deconflicting (Lakenheath run the approach frequency these days). Probably some reason relating to WW2 (Mildenhall was built in ‘34, Lakenheath in ‘40) giving crews more options if there’s a cheeky crosswind perhaps @.@

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