Flightradar 24 and Marine spotting odds and sods.

They are delivering weapons - Ukrainian TV has been very good about plastering images of the planes and their cargo all over state news - but as my earlier post above, Germany haven't banned any RAF flight.

Well, i dont blame the RAF for not wanting to engage in a paperwork exercise with the German bureaucracy, i work for a German company and they do seem to enjoy creating unnecessary administrative obstacles for me to ignore on a daily basis.
It's always puzzled me what these do when they are working for the military, the link below is interesting and give a bit of info.


Nicky swango

That's because it's a stealth thingy.
They must have left the stealth button in the "off" position.
No, it’s not that - the one visible on GE is the basic stealthy model…you can always see those.

Parked to it’s left is the newer variant with upgraded stealth that has technology that’s effective in the optical wavelengths, works regardless of whether the switch is ”off” or “on”.
Why can’t people just play nicely? Save me having to negotiate my way around this little lot tonight (CPH-HKT):

6 clear days off down there, it’s gonna be tough