Flightradar 24 and Marine spotting odds and sods.


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Someone's been doing a bit of surveying at Lakenheath.


I wonder where he is sneaking off to on a Sunday.
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Wondering if it's linked into this:
Ryanair shenanigans with Belarus apparently.

Wondering if it's linked into this:
Interesting. I had not heard about that. Redcaps are usually rather subjude in such circumstances. This incident deserves looking into. I cannot imagine the scenario described in the article.

Browsing the F1 thread just now, vaguely aware of an aircraft engine fairly close. My ears pricked up when I heard what sounded like a loop being undertaken. As the normal Cessnas don't usually do that sort of thing (more than once) I looked at ADSB Exchange and found this. Didn't see a thing, though.
I think the loop or whatever was the wibbly bit just below the Canvey name.
I wonder why those instructors were like that? I can't see what's to be gained at all.

Years ago, I learned to drive in the TA. The MOD paid for a civvy instructor, and then the test was administered by a WO2 Master Driver. I was nobbut a NIG, and the WO2 badge screamed "run the fcuk away". But I had no choice, and the examiner was actually a really good bloke. I drove over the kerb on the way out of the test centre (a TAC in Leicester), but he let me continue. Having already thought I'd failed, I just drove the route, and did so quite relaxed, resigned to my fate. The guy passed me, and said it was obvious I was nervous, so gave me the benefit of the doubt to continue, where I did well, having relaxed.

I don't see the point of intimidating students. It's counterproductive.
Not dissimilar to my test/Sweeney opening credits. 'I'm not failing you for wheel-spinning the car into a right hand junction due to the oncoming traffic halting and flashing you - despite the car being marked as a learner. That showed surprising control of the vehicle. What I am failing you for is not spotting the unmarked junction in a built up, double-parked side street.'

TBH, being examined during Friday rush hour in central Liverpool was never going to end in success. A totally wasted resettlement course.