Flight timings - Bastion - Brize

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Onaswan, Nov 21, 2012.

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  1. Has anyone recently travelled the Bastion - Brize route? I am 'apparently' booked on one for R&R, yet with no idea of arrival time in Brize, organising onward travel is difficult (I am heading out to SHAPE!).

    So, do the flights tend to get in at the same time, or am I back at square 1 and a total lottery?
  2. please be a wah.
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  3. So you are saying you would like to advertise flight timings in & out of theater on the web ?
  4. well the RAF will tell you over the phone

    RAF Brize Norton - Passengers
  5. Flights from Pakistan to UK (assuming nonstop) typically take seven or eight hours: likely to be similar from Afghanistan. So...........find out your departure time, factor in the time difference, and you have your answer...(ish).
  6. add in stop overs at (cough harrumph) and of course (nudge nudge) and it could take days.
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  7. How Crab Air can tell you an arrival 'time', when more often than not they can't guarantee an arrival 'date' is beyond me.
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  8. This is a security breach waiting to happen ...... P
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  9. No it isn't you precious ****.

    The flight departs 0745 and arrives UK at 1610.

    The pilot is called Flt Lt Phil M****** and he enjoys the love of other men.
  10. Which means a 12 hour flight time so take a good book.

  11. or go and see the pilot, he can entertain you for a while. allegedly.
  12. Not much love being felt amongst those sat on aircraft whilst the aircrew do their nice leisurely crew change I seem to remember. I think the 5 star hotel breakfast had been delayed - war is such hell!