Flight of angels - MERT article



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a good read - and my hats off to the lot of them.


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Been done, will find the link in a sec.

Your right though, very good article..

[edit] here you go Mert thread
Can't falt the MERT, a good article and a great life saving team in Afghan. Keep up the good work.
I got to watch a prog on Fox yesterday, Ganistan the Sharpe End.
Oliver North was their man on the spot up country with a Marine Expeditionary Force.
Very impressed by their Marine 'Brigade' group well supported with it's integrated Heli force.
I was also most struck by their Forward Medical Team.
A shipping container, Fully Equipped out as a Trauma Center complete with a navy Surgeon Commander deployed at an front line outstation so that wounded Troops where immediately into highly specialist care from minutes after wounding until they where back in hospital in Germany.
They showed the Brit medical team at Camp Bastion which they considered as Part of their Team.
An excellent demonstration of what needs to be done for wounded troops in the field.


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