flight medic course

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by junkfood, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. does any body know anything about the flight medic course is there a jsp or agai on it

    manny thanks :cyclopsani:
  2. Yes, do tell...

    I know DGAMS has his avaricious eye on IRT/MERT/Insert funky acronym of choice, but to the best of my knowledge the only people trained to deliver medical care in the air are the RAF.
  3. Flight Medic Adqual. An additional qualification has been developed for Cbt Med Techs who work in aviation medicine. This requires employment in Army Aviation units and a short course. Applications should be submitted through the Hd of CEG

    this is what i found on the CMT Page of armynet but as you can see its abit sketchy
  4. Is that working in a pressure chamber operator role or working in aircraft/aeromed role. Khaki is spot on, the only people in the forces who can deliver aeromed courses are the crabs. And the only course the army had opportunity to do was a one week MERT famil course which i think has been binned now.
  5. As far as I’m aware the course is mainly designed for the lucky few or not so lucky CMT/Nurses that work out remote locations such as Belize, Brunei ect where the medic are transporting casualties in helicopters over short distances!
  6. Think the heli famil cse is different to the one your asking abt... that cse is geared around showing people how to get in and out of a CH47 for 3 days.

    The crabs seem to have so many Paramedics that they dont need army Paramedic help, erm ... not really but they'd rather struggle on burning out there own Paramedics rather than have another soldier in the back. **** crabs!

    You'd only get on the cse you decribed if you had a requirment ie your posted to the MRS in Brunei, not sure if Belize has a similar set up? The CMTs working in Brunei use the winch for casevac extration, The Bell 212 cant usually land due to the thick jungle canopy. So the medic gets lowered down... good stuff eh! But I've not heard of a course for it might be wrong.
    The AAC might run a famil cse for CMTs posted to there Regts??
  7. Note that avmed is entirely different to aeromed - which is only done by the RAF.

    If God had meant pongos to fly, He'd have made the sky green... :D
  8. Zzz typical crab... most interesting thing abt the heli famil cse was carried out by the Armys very own SAM who works at Land... not Strike
  9. Yawn, Possibly the dullest thread ive ever read. :sleepy:
  10. And you are possibly the dullest person ever to read it.

  11. Come on phredd. If your going to have a pop at least put some thought into it. Tit :p
  12. taken from the CMTs new letter June 07

    Flight Medic Training. In future Cbt Med Techs who are selected for a posting/detachment to BATUS, BATSUB and Brunei are to attend the Rotary Wing Familiarisation Training run by the RAF HQ TMW Aeromedical Evacuation Training Flight. There are 5 courses annually and Assignment Orders will be annotated with details on how to bid for the relevant course.
  13. the annual refresher RCN flight nurses course runs usually with raf medevac support.
    it sometimes takes place inside lynham.
    you need to be a nurse and have done the course.
    or an equivalent-did mine through ISOS (biggest medic company in world).