Flight Lieutenant Victoria Anderton

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. Give that woman a large G&T :D

    Flight Lieutenant Victoria Anderton adds to Gordon Brown's woes

    "Wearing a black scoop-neck T-shirt and dark-rimmed spectacles, Victoria Anderton stood up in a small room on the north bank of the Thames this morning before sweeping back her blonde hair and, in a quiet, faltering voice, delivering another small but pointed blow to the Prime Minister’s fading authority.

    A month after Gordon Brown appeared at the International Institute for Strategic Studies he was followed by General Stanley McChrystal, the US commander in Afghanistan who has conducted a review into the war.

    After calling for renewed vigour in the mission and greater resources, General McChrystal asked for questions from the audience.

    Ms Anderton raised her hand to speak. “Flight Lieutenant Anderton,” she said by way of introduction. “I’m actually going out to Kandahar to serve with the Tornado GR4s next year and can I say how much more confidence I have now in my chain of command than I had after Prime Minister Gordon Brown was here a couple of weeks ago.”


    And yes I would.
  2. Ill take seconds.
  3. Serving member of HM Forces, off to the sand pit next year, speaking in a press conference, was she given the nod to speak? If she was, all very good, if she wasn't, then kiss the pension bye bye.
  4. Despite the obvious attractions of the Flight Lieutenant the more interesting thing was McChrystal's facial response.
    Not sure wether (from a Brtish point of view) its amusing or embarrasing.
  5. It sys at the bottom she won't be facing disciplinary action for her comments. Make of that what you will
  6. Well that's her career down the toilet...
  7. A Ministry of Defence spokeswoman said that Flight Lieutenant Anderton would face no disciplinary action.
  8. I caught that earlier and was gobsmacked tbh.

    Since when were serving personnel, especially officers, allowed to gob off about politics?

    Brown might be a knob but he's still our PM and she was well out of line coming out with that.

    I'm sure plenty of Septic military dislike Obama but would never dare mock their own leader, least of all in such a public setting.

    That aside, does the stupid Crab bint really think that Obama or Gates or McChrystal have any more ideas about Afghanistan than the rest of us?

    She should be severely disciplined; it's embarrassing for Britain.
  9. The last sentence in the article says it all..........as if! No doubt she'll get an interview without coffee from someone with a big 'Barcode' on his/her shoulder!!! :roll:
  10. I wonder if Fl Lt Victor Anderson would have got off just as lightly?
  11. She;s a flight Lt and wears glasses ? Don't you need good eyesight to drop bombs and read a HUD :?
  12. FFS, she is going for a job outside the mob, did anyone see David Reeves (LCpl, Int Corps) speak at the party conference? His view of Telic was we had enough air support (he got the jollies everywhere when needed), the equipment was good for the job and up to standard (not quite what i was told, not quite what a coroner said), but hats off to the guy for having the balls to stand up in front of the faithful with his Iraq miniture medal on and saying that everything in the garden is rosey.
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Well done Ma'am!
  14. You'd think so, wouldn't you? Maybe she was in in 1999.
  15. An exception to the observation of 'All bollox and no brains' Her case being 'No bollox and no brains.' A stupid self serving comment that has achieved precisely fcukall.