Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Farmerbleep, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. I know that someone is going to have the answer. Same as I know that I am going to have to read through pages of drivel just to find it but wtf. Here goes.

    Flies. They buzz around my house like, well flies. Thing is, there are loads of the feckers.

    I live on a farm and the house is really old and thatched. I have big adult flies and small annoying ones (just like any other kids I suppose). I don't want to use sprays as I've got to live in it too. I've tried those electric zappers and they don't work. The sticky paper things are great, pulling them out of your hair when you forget that you hung one up and it's full of the buggers.

    So how do you get rid of them? All answers on the back of a used fiver to the usual address please.


  2. Can of deodorant, lighter and you now have a flame thrower.
  3. To keep them out of the living room,place a bucket of sh1t in the hall

    works for me :D
  4. Oh - forgot to mention. There is no bride involved. Does that help?
  5. Import a few spiders
  6. Try having a bath, they shouldnt buzz around you too much then, lol.
  7. Meshell. We have never spoken but I have been following your posts with earnest. So let me take this opportunity to say "Feck off".
  8. Perhaps regular cleaning of your pad and yourself?
  9. Jars with a bit of jam or honey in the bottom - fly crawls in then dies in a sticky mess. Stick the jars on the windowsills (works with wasps, for sure).
  10. Keep your knees together?
  11. Flys hover round shiit.....sound familiar?
  12. Pull up the floor boards and remove the decomposing body of your exwife, It worked for me. :D
  13. Then Birkenhead is f*cked then :)
  14. 8O you spoon
  15. If you have an aversion to flies, perhaps farmer wasn't the most appropriate career choice....

    If you have an arable farm, perhaps including these in your selection of crops could improve the situation: