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hi guys bit of help please!! I run windows 7 which i hate but heyho, its installed. many sites run banners and ads and alls sorts of crap, arrse included, and if i have multiple windows open there is a really annoying flicker in the top and bottom of my screen. Is there any way of turning off ads on pages so my screen doesnt flicker. anything more tchnical than a few mouse clicks and a yes/no menu and i really will be lost Jennixxx
I don't think you can, as the banners and advertisements are part of the website you are accessing.


Web Site Ads do flicker, for sure, and some might find them annoying. True. They might actually keep some web sites going, with paid advertising revenue. Like Arrse **ahem** so we wouldn't risk upsetting the head sheds would we... Blocking Ads might cause connection problems, eg . pages might not load. A friend of a friend mentioned, can't remember when exactly , that Firefox has an add-on called ABP or something. No idea what they were on about. And Firefox version 3.6.13, mine works lovely and has some nifty little settings and loads of add-ons.
I assume that you mean the flicking of the image changing as it should do? And not so problem where your screen is breaking down and going spastic - this would likely be a more technical problem and would need some software updates.

If however it was the former (in that you can just see more of the screen which has a knock on effect of you catching the ads in the corner of your eye), these cannot be helped I am afraid as they are put there by the site owner so they can make money to run the site as already pointed out.
Normally they don't even have a choice of what the ads are as they sign up with an affiliate program to sort all that out and in turn either words on the page you are reading, or your recent browsing are used to target the ads to something you might have an interest in - that why you might see a "date a muslim" ad on a page talking about how upset they today.

But I digress..

There are "plugins" or "addons" for your internet browser which can block many adds with a wonderful blank screen - but thats hardly sporting. I suppose if you use one of those and you feel a pang in your gut over depriving Arrse of the ad-click revenue, you could always click the donate button -> British Army Forum - DonationsPro - Donations

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