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flexible service joe crow.

From April to October the Army used to declare it was summer and everybody would go into shirt sleeve order and the heating in the block would be turned off as it was summer and wouldn't be needed as it was too hot.

Unfortunatly the British weather said "f*ck that, I will decide when it is summer, not some f*cking ancient old LE officer".

Having had enough of playing Arctic survival in the block, I thought "f*ck that" and bought a small portable electric fan heater which I had on most of the time during a typical British summer. You could always spot my room by the hot steam coming out of it. You wouldn't have one in your own house as the electric bill would be horrendous.

But what the f*ck did I care. The QM was paying.

From November to March the Army declared that it was winter and so the heating was on 24 hours a day, so you only needed a sheet on your bed and had to leave a window open as it was too hot.

A very well regarded CO of a certain Signal Regiment in South Wales was pissed off with his betters refusing to get a grip of the contractors and fix the heating (it might have been hot water - memory failing) in the grip of a Pembrokeshire winter.
After a large number of fruitless conversations with Brecon the next conversation was “I have sent all the junior ranks home - your move”.

IIRC things got fixed quite quickly after that - and your solution was the one I did, plus suggested to the juniors to the horror of some in the mess. **** ‘em.

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