Flexible ladies

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by boabbyrab, May 27, 2013.

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  1. flexible-women-wow-0.jpg flexible-women-wow-2.jpg flexible-women-wow-3.jpg flexible-women-wow-4.jpg flexible-women-wow-5.jpg flexible-women-wow-6.jpg flexible-women-wow-7.jpg flexible-women-wow-8.jpg flexible-women-wow-9.jpg flexible-women-wow-10.jpg flexible-women-wow-11.jpg flexible-women-wow-12.jpg flexible-women-wow-13.jpg flexible-women-wow-14.jpg flexible-women-wow-15.jpg flexible-women-wow-16.jpg flexible-women-wow-17.jpg flexible-women-wow-18.jpg flexible-women-wow-19.jpg flixable-girl-lead.jpg flixable-girl-lead.jpg

    Dont know about other Arrse members, but a few mins with these lovely ladies would do me a serious spinal injury
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  2. That is some fucked up shit.
    Does anyone know of any porn sites that deal with this sort of stuff?
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  3. And they could lick there own fanny's for fun!
  4. There was a female loggie attached to my unit back in the day, she was so small and flexible that she could squeeze herself into one of those big jiffy bags..

    ..she got posted..

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  5. Flexibleporn.net A wee man at the bus stop told me. HONEST.
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  6. Cheers, I'll pass that onto the bloke who asked me.
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  7. Where's the 'Groan' button?
  8. I bet they can even see themselves coming.
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  9. that is some twisted shit
  10. Fuck me.How did you manage to delete the twister mat out of all those photos?
  11. You've just posted all the ARRSE maidens there, except Sluggy.


    She's on her new "Bloat Fast" diet.
  12. contor.jpg contor2.jpg contor3.jpg contor4.jpg contor6.jpg contor9.jpg contorr7.jpg
    A few more and one for the rape van

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  13. Corrine Russell, well known Page 3 and Benny Hill girl in the 80s was said to be double jointed.