Fleetwood Mac - BBC 1 - 012230Z NOV 09


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And let me be the first to add - she may be getting on a bit (but then again so am I) and -

She would most definitely still get it :)
Saw FM at Oberhausen in 2005 - Stevie still looked fantastic. She was still worth the hours and hours of bedroom gymnastics I took part in as a kid to a real sexy poster I had of her - or it could have been the poster of the Harley next to hers - I can't remember now

Either way, was the best concert I have ever been to (closely followed by Paul Weller in E-Werkz Koln 2005)
ASDA are selling the double CD of Fleetwood Mac greatest hit for around £9-00, but no Albatross which is a shame.

I have been driving up and down the A5 today with the volume fully turn up. (I known I am a noisy ageing old fart).

The BBC1 program is being taped for futher reference.

Long may it continue.

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