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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by VirtualSoapBox, Jun 29, 2005.

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  1. Having seen the celebrations yesterday on the news I must confess to a stirring of pride in our Nations Achievements and oddly enough I wasn't in the least perturbed by the 'Red v Blue' Scenario as I can understand why some people would think that way.

    What was ever so slightly embarrassing was that the Queen of one of recent histories greatest nations, currently the fourth richest and third largest in trade (most done by sea) in the world received the salute of the largest naval review in history from a converted fishing boat!!!!!

    Was there ever a better moment for the Queen to have been stood on the Deck of Britannia???

    Proud as the Navy and compliment of HMS Endurance must be of their ship it is not the best of vessels for such an occasion, could we not have used one of our other Carriers? Surely even Peter DeSavory has a boat she could have borrowed for the day; maybe the world’s largest sailing boat (built in the UK by the way) could have been used.

    I can see the Her Highness now "I say this is Jolly nice Phillip but there is rather a strong smell of fish around here"

    ps Rumours that the Admiral escorting the Queen was heard to be saying "Ma'am that’s the one we sold to the Indians, that's the one we sold to the Koreans, that's a Submarine we sold at a loss to the Canadians (I suppose it is still yours Ma'am yes) that’s the one we sold to the ....... etc etc" are totally unfounded
  2. But which was the biggest warship there, the FS Charles de Gaulle or the USS Saipan?

    Incidentally, we'd have lost Trafalgar if the USS Constitution hadn't turned up in the nick of time...
  3. :lol: :lol:

    Sorry Andy, but which Hollywood rewrite of history did this stunning fact come from? After 'U551' nothing would surprise me...
    ...Or was this a touch of Ultra-subtle irony?

    I'll get me coat

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. VSB
    At the show last night there wasn't much mention of Red & Blue. The narration by Robert Hardy (appropriate name) was very nationalistic - "The English have broken through the French line" etc etc

    Spot on about Britannia. The reason they gave for HM using Endurance was that it has a large dining area. The truth, as we all know, is the bean counting green eyed t0ssers we vote in have no pride in the country's traditions nor its military.

    Sadly, the review just shows how the armed services in general have been raped by successive governments. Even if in the next one we have a proper carrier it will be French built. The humiliation is palpable.

    Mind you, in Nelson's time many of our best ships were ex-French and we certainly nicked some of their design characteristics but not their sailors.

    Anyone who missed the show, missed a breathtaking experience. From the Red Arrows to the little yachties and their mad dash back into port at the end it was truly brilliant.

    The only downside (for me) was the over exposure of uniformed police, both service and civilian. It's part of the official hysteria level that has to be maintained post twin towers. Years ago, we'd have had a couple of bobbies on point duty and a missing kids tent. Now, we have van loads of police from as far away as Wales driving along the (closed to traffic) seafront. Camera cars on every entrance to the city. The whole panoply of a police state.

    Having said that - a BIG THANK YOU to the organisers. You did Horatio proud (even if he didn't like Portsmouth much)
  5. Great event, but quite sad to see how far we have fallen in just a few years: when I was a nipper of a cadet, I had the great opportunity to take part in the Jubilee fleet review as part of HMS Kent's crew. On that occasion, the RN had about 100 warships lined up including, if I recall correctly, the three big flat-tops of Ark Royal, Hermes and Bulwark, and the cruisers Tiger and Blake. The Review, with HM on board the magnificent Britannia, was quite breathtaking, with the long lines of British warships steaming out in line ahead. A few years later, most of those ships were used in anger in the South Atlantic. Rather shocking to see that we now have lost about 75% of the ship numbers since then, with more lined up to be axed!
  6. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Or is he saying the Spams turned up to help the Frogs and blue-on-blued them?
  7. 1938? film 'Sons of the Sea' with Leslie Banks and pre-war spying at Dartmouth naval college.

    The sight of hundreds of officer types under training and the drills were best bit of the film. I wondered what was left (believe some of the playing fields are facing John Prescott's revenge).
  8. Several of the ships taking part yesterday are going to full victim to last year's cuts - supposedly to be mothballed by in reality to be sold - and there not old. We have less frigates/destroyers than the First Sea Lord and CINCFLEET say we need. Hence withdrawing from standing commitments that were part of the war against terror.

    Moreover, when the Sea Harrier goes next year - the RN will, for about the first time in its history, be faced with a period where it cannot undertake independent operations unless someone else provides ai defence. This gap will be at least six years, possibly ten, and until CVF is ordered we won't actually know.

    See http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=98152 for discussion of many of these issues.

    The prresent Government has not been kind to the RN.....

    Ship numbers cut. Aircraft numbers cut. Capabilities lost. Upgrades cancelled or cut. Future equipment programs cancelled, cut or delayed. Recruitment and Training budgets cuts.
  9. PapaSmurf and the nipper were down on the front most of the day, and I joined them after work for the battle recreation. Definite "correct" naming of the opposing sides in the narration-none of this Red/Blue stuff in evidence.
    (Incedentally, my French collegue has been taking the micky out of that all week :wink: )

    The whole thing was very impressive,( and certainly brought a lump to the throat of this soppy old thing :oops:)
    I actually enjoyed the fact that the foreign contingient was so large, and the fact that several of them are fairly recent adversaries. It seemed to be a symbol of international cooperation, and also that rather nebulous feeling of "brotherhood" amongst seafarers, whatever type of ship you sail in.

    (It's OK, I'm stopping now before I get completley sentimental :oops: )
  10. How, young are you?
    This has been going on for years! Under both strains of politician, not just the present lot.

    I joined up around the time of the Falklands campaign, and one of the first things I was told by the old and the bold was
    "We'll never be able to do this again"
    Dissmissed as cynicism at the time, the ramblings of biter and twisted time- servers who were just waiting to colloect their pensions

    Then we read "Options for Change" :roll:
  11. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I started the other thread becasue I was so irritated by the news reports re the red/blure nonsense and the mealy mouthed cr@p spouted by the First Sea Lord. I'm glad to hear that the day went well.

    BTW didn't the French have the lartgest boat at the Battle of Trafalgar? Seems only fair that they should have the largest one today - mind you it didn't do them any good then.
  12. Well I joined during the last labour government and it was pretty terrible..

    (Cardboard box? Ay! You were lucky....)

    I can still remember the whole regiment being paraded in our "worst" set of combats so that the very worst 5% could get a new jacket OR trousers issued. Having 60% of the squadrons vehicles in light care and pres because we had no fuel to move them. Exercises being cancelled due to lack of rations and fuel. Only one range day a year due to lack of ammo.

    Then we voted Maggie in and the next 16 odd years none of the above happened again. We have now had 8 years of the clown in charge and it looks like you poor sods who are serving now will be going through the same shite once again. Well good luck...
  13. You could be very right there. But then again who actually gives a about what happens to the seagoing types anyway? :evil:
  14. Well, well, you see Yokel, it's always been the same story! :roll:

    In fact, I'll bet good money that there were some old salts at Trafalger muttering about how the government has let everybody down by not investing enough in ships and equipment. :lol: :lol: