Fleeing Robbery Suspect Eaten By Alligator

Meanwhile, an alligator believed responsible for attacking and then killing the man was captured and transported to All American Gator in Pembroke Park.
Just typical, what happened to innocent until proven guilty. Where's OJ's lawyer when you need him :roll:
Perhaps police patrols over here could call on a gator team instead of a K9 team.


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"I am eating you in the name of the lieurgh!"
"Some alligators just have a nasty disposition and he was just a nasty gator," owner of All American Gator Brian Woods said. "He seemed to have no fear of people."
That's obviously because society just didn't understand its needs or the disadvantaged backgound it came from. If only people had taken the time to reach out to the alligator and empower it, it could have grown into a well-adjusted and productive member of the reptile community.

It's society's fault, you know...
So where can I buy an alligator, for home protection purposes only you understand!

Pepper a burglar with buckshot after he has robbed yr house = time in jail.

Aforementioned burglar "goes for a swim" in the back garden, well that's not my fault is it!?

Or would a shark be easier to keep. Haven't the space for a barn full of wild pigs!
Poor gator just needs to be "engaged"...
I think that's what is meant by 'natural justice'

Once in a while the books get balanced, and it puts a smile on my face. Pity we can't adopt the alligator as an Arrse mascot and let him live out to a ripe old age in an enclosure somewhere.

Failing that, I do need a new belt.......
I'm always kind of saddened when an animal, in its natural environment, is put down for merely acting on its nature when fresh, stupid meat makes itself available for consumption.

Yellowstone National Park has signs everywhere warning people not to feed the bears, yet low-grade morons always seem to think the signs don't apply to them, and occasionally one of them gets mauled and/or eaten for their troubles. The bears are always put down after the incident, when in fact they should be rewarded for introducing some much-needed chlorine into our gene pool....
yank_eyetie said:

Unfortunately, the alligator will be euthanized.
Free the Gator One! :twisted:

As for the perp. - somebody 'phone the Darwin Awards. I think we have a winner. 8O
Probably too late to save the 'gator. By now he is probably on the table in a nice restaurant. They do, by the way, taste just like chicken. Very tasty with a teriyaki marinade then grilled.

They do have to destroy them however. At the golf course next to my Florida place they actually have a local rule that if your ball is within 4 club-lengths of a 'gator you get a free drop no closer to the pin with no penalty. You may not try to retrieve your ball.

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