FLED ...No I bloody didnt!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shagnasty, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. Local Newspaper article: " NNPC instructors fled Warri, Delta State ......"

    No we didn't. Our company pulled us out on the advice of their insurance company.

    I've never 'fledded' anywhere in my life and I don't intend ever doing so.

    Tomorrow we intend presenting a 'united front' to our company and to return to Delta and do the job we are paid to do .....make a difference here and to look after our trainees.

    Bloody Journos!!!!!

    (Read the 1st Afghan War and the 'united front' in the retreat from Kabul).
  2. ah. but journo's don't know the difference between "Retreat" and "Run away bravely!" - they prob'ly confused 'runded' with 'fledded'.
    so what can you expect ;)
  3. Didn't see that. Are you back today?
  4. I was forced to "flee" last month after the FCO abandoned us. but pleased to say im back this month.
    One of the companies has just got a fully armoured land rover defender, Very nice it looks. Just going to blag the boss to see if he will swap my Land Cruiser for one.

    Although things are looking up, it appears that we are too old for them and Kidnapping 3 year olds gets more publicity.
  5. He who runs away lives to fight another day
  6. Cow

    Cow LE

    A 'Tactical withdrawal' isn't always a bad thing. Civvies just don't understand.
  7. 'fraid not. Still slumming it in Lagos. Maybe in the next week - either that or home again - will stand by to stand by.

    Morning news, (Sunday) Several militant groups are proposing a ceasefire, it seems the bad publicity generated by the recent kidnappings have hit home.
  8. It would seem the shooting of an NNPC exec. at the weekend has put the cap on it. The company has said we won't pay 2.5 million for ransom should I get kidnapped .........so I'm homeward bound this weekend.
    Should have contracted to Shell. They put their guys in an armed compound surrounded by a company of infantry...shades of Fermanagh!!!

    Shame really but the situation in Delta is going to to get worse before it gets better. Might be back so watch this space!!

    ps: Listen ..my family wouldn't pay that to get me out......who are these actuaries ???
  9. Is Alice's bar still there in Lagos, down by the river, absolute sh*thole of a place. You could watch the bodies float by while gluping a coldish bottle of beer. It had the worst, filthiest crapper I've ever seen.
  10. Yep! and it's still a shithole!!
  11. Do the tarts still shag, on a slow day, for a bowl of fish soup ? :D ...er... so I was told :wink:
  12. No retreat, merely 'advancing to the rear'
  13. My office looks out over one of the byways of Lagos harbour, and the aircon has a hard task in keeping out the aroma. Of all the waterways in the world, this is the one you really don't want to fall into.

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  14. A quote from the great Milligoon

    "Why are you retreating, soldier"

    "'I'm not retreating, my legs are, Sir"
  15. Of all the countries I've been in Nigeria was the biggest sh*thole and the people the biggest load of crap....and the most corrupt. They only good thing about Nigeria was leaving it.