A little flea has some time on his hands and decides he needs a holiday so takes himself off to the travel agents. Tells the assistant he wants sunshine, warmth & just a touch of moisture ... somewhere away from the stresses of the fea world.

Travel agent says, "I can give you a week in Cannes in Ringo Starr's hair."

"Sounds great," says the flea.

Two days later he's back at the travel agents, "So what went wrong then?"

"Ringo stayed in his room all day long playing the drums and shaking his head to the beat and I ended up with a migraine!"

"OK," says the travel agent, "How about a week in Omar Sherif's moustache in St Tropez?"

"Yeah, that sounds good to me," says the flea.

Three days later he's back again.

"What happened this time?"

"He spent all his time in the casino, smoking those awful cheroots he loves so much and choking me to death!" says the flea.

Travel agent says, "Got a late cancellation, same place but this time it's a week in Bridget Bardots muff, you'll love it."

Two days later he's back at the travel agents.

"Now what?"

"It was absolute heaven, she spent all day laying on the beach naked, the sun warming her muff nicely, it was lovely and moist, I was having a fabulous time."

"So what's the problem, why are you back here so soon?"

"Suddenly found myself back in Omar's f**kin' moustache!"
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