Flavoured Spirits

Was talking to a friend of mine who has recently forayed into the world of homebrewing. Conversation then turned to Sloe Gin and those awful flavoured Vodkas that absolut do.

So I had a thought. Flavoured vodkas and gins, how hard can they be?

The ideas I currently have are:

Apple Gin
Orange Vodka
Raspberry Vodka
Blackberry Gin

My method was going to be mash up a load of the fruit, put them in a bottle topped up with the spirit, agitate it daily and leave for a few weeks, before possibly straining (though I would not be adverse to leaving fruit bits in). Would this work?
All will work to a greater or lesser degree. Bramble gives a strong flavour with some unpleasant background taste, some sugar will have to be added to mask that. To be honest you would be better off making wine out of the fruit and then distilling the wine though a pot still. That way the 'useful' flavours come across and the product would be a hundred times better than the muck that they sell as commercial spirits.

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