I have just dicovered the delights of 'Flaunt' channel on Sky TV (Ch366).

Those that have seen know I need say no more. :D

If you haven't seen it. Think of every dirty raunchy music vid ever made thrown onto one channel.

I'm off to wipe my nob on the screen........
You sir are a very very sad man. I much prefer channel skipping the free 10 min porn channels music is crap but do you listen to the music when choking the chicken.?
T-L-F, it has been mooted that your acutely honed diplomatic skills might find a suitable home and outlet as a member of the Arrse Travian contingent, where some of the messages actually have words (incorrrectly spelt, but you can't ask for everything) amongst the text and 'leet', and seem to have been generated by chavs, mongs, former Soviet subjects and abject throbbers.

Whilst I realise that this has fcuk all to do with Flaunt, or the application of one's c0ck to any perpendicular surface, the game is plentiful, and the opportunity to whap one on a cnut still exists. As a plus we have a grown up forum, which tolerates the use of words such as cunt, fuck and other useful everyday phrases.

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