Flatulence Query

It'll just make your breath smell even worse...


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The big breathes make it go quicker theory actualy works. Your sense of smell shuts down and presto no more stink.
Well now...if you spend all day on a gun position breathing in cordite, your farts come out smelling of...cordite. And range stew but that's merely a side issue...

So to ensure pleasant farts simply spray air freshener into your gob and all will be tickety.
You could try charcoal tablets, which are supposed to reduce fartin... oops, I mean flatulence, but why hold it back? After all, how can your oppos tell if you've been riffling through their underwear if they cannot smell your signature aroma? :lol:
lookslikeayeti said:
Mrs Yeti will never kiss me now. Perhaps I should just blame baby Yeti instead.
She licks my hole so she shouldnt have any problem kissing you if you taste of farts.

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