Flattest place to live in GB.


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I’m sorry, but I believe webbed feet is a requirement to live there. Besides that I’m not capable of shagging my sister.
Cambridge - as above. I used to cycle in to the centre of Cambridge from a village called Histon...they have a strange remote controlled busway that runs from St Ives (no the one in East Anglia) all the way into town.

Cambridge detests the automobile with a mutual loathing. Its one way system for drivers doubles as a satanic prayer-wheel.

As noted, if you get a hearty shove and the wind is behind you, it's pretty much a free wheel on the Busway all the way into Town.

ping @old_fat_and_hairy for more local colour.

Cambridge is not in Norfolk - nor is it Das Niuew Baltic like Lincolnshire. They have roadsigns in Latvian there (no wah)
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Being from the Part of South Lincolnshire where a lot of the blokes from the Polish Airborne returned to and settled in after the second great unpleasentness it was hillairous when the first influx of Poles came over and some of the thugs were trying to throw there weight around them getting abused in there own language by the old bloke they thought was a local and him swing his walking stick at them like they were one of Bitrichs Panzer Troops, in my school the second most comon type of surname after the 3 main local ones were polish names
that bit of coast by ingoldmells, chapel st leonards was so flat i swear if you were on the sea wall you were looking down at the RAF jags as they screamed in at 0 feet.
@dingerr, I think you may already be in a reasonably flat place. Is there any way of changing or uprating your chariot so that you can cope better with hills?
It’s a compromise. An electric chair allows me to get around locally, but the manual chair lets me get far and wide by myself as I can drag it in the car.
York is very flat, there are barely any hills in the city or surrounding area, some of the cobbled streets in the city centre might be challenging but the vast majority of it would be easy to get around. People are decent, university students everywhere (which you will appreciate in summer when the fit ones are all wandering around in next to nothing), more decent pubs than I could even list, good bus service, good rail links to get anywhere in the country quickly.
Another one for York and any of the surrounding villages.
Teesside. 5 miles north to south and 15 miles left to right of flatness. Especially flat is Thornaby, having been built on an aerodrome - so flat it's windy, the only bit away from the coast that is, the rest of the area protected by the surrounding hills. Rarely snows, even now that heavy industry is all but gone.

Obviously, there are good bits and bad bits but even the very good bits aren't ridiculously pricey.

And, unlike the Vale of York, there are footpaths. Or wheelchair paths if shortage of feet is a problem..
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It’s a compromise. An electric chair allows me to get around locally, but the manual chair lets me get far and wide by myself as I can drag it in the car.
Scuse my ignorance here, Dingerr, but is there a hybrid option that allows manual operation and portability with an electric motor for the hilly bits?
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Only around the Ouse though, the rest of it is usually ok.
In Summer* he'd be constantly ramming the chair into hordes of Chink tourists.

So there is a good side to York then.

*actually most of the year TBH.
The Vale of Belvoir. Some pretty villages and it's generally flat - as an indication, the Grantham Canal runs through it for with over 20 miles between locks. Downside is you've got Grantham quite close by.

Flattest place to live in GB

A car park?
Portsmouth/Gosport area. If you have lots more cash, the south bits of West Sussex are quite flat.
Porstsmouth includes the seaside resort of Southsea - all flat & good links to I of W, Gosport, France (Cherbourg, Caen, Le Havre & St Malo), Spain (Santander) plus only 90 mins by train to Waterloo (with UJC across the road).


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Just out of interest, what area of flatness are you looking for? Do you intend to roam for miles or is it just from the car park to the shops and restaurants?
And more to the point, what kind of price range can you afford? It's all very well us suggesting the South East coast of England when your budget is more South Shields! ;-)
Morecambe bay is fairly flat.
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Somerset Levels. Pretty, um, level. Lots of houses. Running short of decent boozahs though.

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