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Hi folks not sure if this is the right place to post this. But i have my own flat which i dont really want to give up once i start phase one becouse i would need it for leave etc. So im wondering where i would stand running it and living on barracks. How much money do you have left roughly once your rent tax ni food etc has been taken out of your wages for living on barracks. and can you even have a civvy flat once your in checked with my local council they said it was fine but aint a clue if its ok with the army. Any help is much appreciated.


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Of course you are allowed to maintain your own property when you are serving - you don't lose (most) rights just because you are in the Forces. I take it that it is a Local Authority flat? As to cash - can't help there 'cos I'm minted.
I bet the local authority won't let you keep it if it's not your full time home.
Agreed, this not the purpose of local auth. housing, its for people in need..Somalian/Romanian/Chav single mums pumping out 4lb+ of humanity via their clunge with no means of support..suck it up M8..and when you come out after 8/12/22 yrs. the council will laugh at you as you bed down for the night in whatever doorway..
spoke to me council they said its fine to keep it running as long as i show them my start date letter for proof im actually joining and some one pops in from time to time to keep an eye on it.
are you renting? If so check your agreement. Some tenancy agreements dont allow 30 (or is it 60) days empty. And you wont be able to sub let it either, i would imagine.
Mag to grid it.

Put the money you would have spent on its rent in to a savings account, and in a few years when you get out you'll have enough to put down on your own house... which you can then rent out to further pay off your mortgage.

What if you end up in Germany? You will be paying for a house that is fcuking empty....
yeah i know i could be posted abroad then it would stand empty but i need somewhere to stay when i leave the army all me mates/family are crowded with kids etc. Do any of you think its affordable considering i will be paying for barracks aswell
I would say get rid of it, by the time you have paid rent, council tax etc on that + food and accomodation you are not going to be left with a lot. Why not set up a savings account and set up a direct debit transfer into it for all or part of what you would spend in rent, which can go towards buying your own place.
yeah i know i could be posted abroad then it would stand empty but i need somewhere to stay when i leave the army all me mates/family are crowded with kids etc. Do any of you think its affordable considering i will be paying for barracks aswell
So, you know there are cowded houses around and you want to keep an empty one? I still bet the council/local authority won't let you keep it despite what you think they just said. If you do try to keep this flat then I hope you get squatters. Squatters of the messy, druggie, prossie type.
yeah i know i could be posted abroad then it would stand empty but i need somewhere to stay when i leave the army all me mates/family are crowded with kids etc. Do any of you think its affordable considering i will be paying for barracks aswell
You wont be leaving the Army for about 3 years... unless you are naughty.

If you mean on leave from the army, you'll get 6 weeks a year. It would probalby be cheapper to rent a room in a B&B for the time you are at home, than keep a flat.
i wouldnt mind staying in a b and b on leave like. What im planning for is when i leave the army. So i know i will have somewhere to live. And not end up a squatter in a empty house.
As stated above the amount you'd be paying in rent would be astounding, considering the flat would be vacant. I'm not sure what the council tax situation is if you're only going to be there ~6 weeks a year, but I'd imagine they're going to charge you something. You'd also want to keep paying your gas/electric, albeit lower amounts, so that you could keep the walls of your flat warm and try avoid any damp/damage. You'd then be best having a cleaner that comes 1-2 times a month to keep it dust free and ensure everything is ok, otherwise you can expect to come back to a rather dusty and stale smelling flat that needs a good tidy. Not really something you want to be doing on leave?

Let's say you're paying 350/m rent, 50 for the little bit of gas/electric to keep it heated and then any line rental, internet, tv etc that you'd want for whilst you were back from leave. You're quickly paying ~450/m which tallys up to a nice £5,400 a year. That basically means that if you can find a B&B for less than £900/week, you'd be saving money and effort. Not to mention avoiding the risk of being broken in to and having to deal with insurance claims, lost sentimental items etc etc... I'm sure there are plenty of nice B&B's that would be more than happy to put you up on a regular basis for a reduced amount, afterall in times of low income a return customer would be worth their weight in gold.

With regards to having a place for after the army, you don't really want to be moving back to a LA house after serving do you? Save up a little nest egg and get your own place that you can treat however you want.
Am I missing something here? OP wants to pay rent on a council house for potentially 22 years so he has somewhere to stay for 6 weeks of the year and live when he gets out. Why? Surely it still belongs to the council. Would you continue to pay rent on a private rental you werent living in?

Also as I understand it council housing exists to provide cheap accomodation to those who cant/wont earn enough to pay for private rental or buy. If youre not in the council area, are in full time employment, earning a decent wage once through basic and have cheap accomodation available to you through the Army then you are just wasting resources that according to the newspapers are already scarce.

Im genuinely curious as to what the motivation is having no experience or any real knowledge of the workings of council housing.

If somewhere to live when you get out is such a concern then why not do as countless others have done ; get through basic, get a mortgage, buy somewhere, rent it out while you live on camp using the rent to pay the majority of the mortgage then after 22 years you have a house with a tiny mortgage (if any) remaining on it and an Army pension. If you leave sooner you still have somewhere to live and youre paying your own mortgage instead of someone elses.
Once you hand your notice in the leave the forces (after whatever period) you will find that 6 months before you leave, you will be a priority in need housing anyway. I guess you got it as a non priotiy (e.g. you haven't got mental health problems, you're not pregnant and you have all of your limbs) so you don't want to lose it. You will have to search your paperwork on discharge and have your Troop / Platoon leader sign it, but you'll be classed as a priority "e.g. the govt says they have to house you, maybe temporary accom first, then council house" for one year after leaving the forces. You will get a house in that time, then yuo're home and dry. This rule aslo applies to the fact that the only council that has to house you is the one that you lived in BEFORE you joined, so which ever council houses you now, must house you when you leave.
whey if thats the case it doesnt seem like i have out to worry about when i leave. I think ill just give it up when i start and book into a b and b on leave cheers

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