Flat Tax Europe ?

Tax reform even if its just a simplification of current tax schedules and reduction in tax rates could improve Europe's economy to the point they will be able to compete in the gobal marketplace. Otherwise stagnation of western Europe's economies will continue.


France, for example, offers a bewildering 560 tax breaks -- ranging from a special exemption for journalists to a deduction for taxpayers who happen to employ household help -- that cost the government more than $60 billion a year. The French government says that starting in 2007 it will cap such breaks at $9,400 per taxpayer per year.
Flat Tax!!!

I think it absurd to even suggest that those unable to afford to buy a proper house should be penalised in this manner.
We demand the right to drop the workers wages and increase stealth taxes as much as we like to make ourselves competitive!

No garlic eating nor sausage scoffing johnny foreigner is telling us how to treat our working classes by God!