Flat screen TV, LCD or plasma?

image burn can be remedied by showing white noise 'snow' on the screen for 30 minutes to an hour.
Have had a Sony Bravia KLVS32A10 for just over a month and can thoroughly recommend it, all the bells and whistles, will work as a PC monitor, has S video and composite inputs/outputs along with RF, no more drawing the curtains to see the screen in bright sunlight, it's the dogs danglies 8)

Blackhand please note, I bought it with my hard won beercheques from Retravision, not from your fence down the boozer :lol:
I wouldnt worry too much about being HD ready, most of it is Bollxxks, there is as yet no common standard for what HD TV will be. We are still to see who will win between Blu ray and HD DVD for the next Generation DVD format, a matter complicated by the fact that the manufacturers nw own so many studios, and control the content. Sky are launching HD in a few months time, but only on a couple of channels.

On the Digital front, Switch off is happening in the UK, over the next 5 years starting in the Borders region in 2008 and finishing in 2012, at present not all services are available in all areas, but this will change over time.

Your best bet is to work out the size you need, based on the size of your room bear in mind the minimum veiwing distances. If the answer you come up with is less than 32" go for the LCD any bigger go for plasma. If you watch sport then go for the best refresh rate you can to avoid ghosting.

Once you have done that sort your input out, be it Sky, freeview or Analogue, fro off air and your DVD for pre-recorded. If you want a good picture get the best cbles you can afford to reduce the amount of noise that comes in, check the connectors on any cables as this is where most of it comes in.

I work in the industry, and to be honest most of the new developments are marketing hype. Are you really going to replace your DVD collection with a new format only 5 years after ditching your VHS? I know Im not, DVD was a step change in quality, but HD is incremental (sp) at best. Given the lif span of TV's at about 5 years things will have hopefully sorted themselves out but then and we will have a single HD format for TV and DVD / VDO all working out of an integrated unit.

To conclude by the dest vallue screen with a decent resolution now and bin it once things sort them selves out.

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