Flat Screen Tellies in Need.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Snail, Nov 19, 2011.

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  1. Yes, I sat through it.

    No, I didn't donate.

    Not even I have got a telly as good or as big as the reeeeeeeaaaaallly poor people who dress their lad up as a girl.

    However, the highlight of the evening for me was the Muppets*. Kermy was great.

    Mahna Mahna.


    *The only thing that could have surpassed it was when Olly Murrs shook his tush in his tight pants.
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  3. don't forget the little tyke playing on his XBox 360 and his old man goting online via the telly, so they probably have sky or cable. If they are all out of work you'd think they would have had plenty of time to at least tidy the fekkin house before the cameeras came round (but that might mean less charidee for them)
  4. Recipe for Tree Frog Baseball:

    1. Take 1 x CVR(T), leagured-up in a remote German forest.

    2. 3 x bored CVR(T) crewmen.

    3. A slack handful of tree frogs, the evil little sods.

    4. 1 x pick helve.

    Soak the bored crewmen in Herforder for 30 minutes. Then place the driver in his cab and start the engine. Pop 1 x aforementioned tree frog, the evil little sod, down the exhaust. Count to 3 and then rev the engine.

    As the tree frog shoots out of the exhaust, the nominated batter attempts to further assist the evil little sod on his way. Points are scored for the furthest distance achieved by any recognisable part of the tree frog, the evil little sod.

    Did I mention that tree frogs are evil little sods?
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  5. I'm so glad we stuck with cathode ray and haven't gone flatscreen yet. Not only do we not get burgled, but my toddlers hang off it with no risk of it falling on them.

    Oh, and it spares us the mass of pointless channels that there are out there. Last time I looked we had seven. Simples.
  6. Flat screen telly = more channels to watch? You really are simple!
  7. I had only just got that song out my head you cow
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  8. Built in digibox innit.
  9. That in itself is deserving of some sort of recognition, well played you.
  10. ImageUploadedByARRSE1321710886.839383.jpg

    Susana Reid, mmmmmmmm
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  11. Perhaps all the walts who feature on here so regularly can award themselves a commemorative campaign medal for surviving something so nauseatingly sweet it should have a health warning. And no, I wouldn't qualify, I bottled it after 10 mins and went AWOL.
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  12. :excited:
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  13. Seems they raised £26m Good effort.
  14. At least they have been spared the true poverty and deprivation of having to endure slow broadband.............
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  15. Not really. Having a simpler telly and some form of digital box thingy underneath I can deselect the inconsequential crappy channels and never see them or their content.

    I gather that flat screen TV often embed the digital box nowadays and am worried that if I got one then I would not be able to prevent the crass proletarian end-of-the-pier panem-et-circenses shite from being only a click away...

    Can't begrudge a night of broadcasting given over to raising 26m though.