Flat renevation project

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by brettarider, Sep 26, 2009.

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  1. Well it's Saturday an by the looks of it might be in my new place in 14 days
    So I've decided to do a thread about the upgrading it needs

    First job is the kitchen, Fcuked and it's gotta go
  2. Done one or two of these myself, if the rest of the place is similar by all means order the new kitchen but my advice would be to leave it till the end. Kitchens normally used as a mini workshop ie. power points, places to put things and water when you need it.

    Either way enjoy it and take before and after pics. :D
  3. Nah the living room and bedrooms are OK and really only need the radiators swapping out and new wall paper just the kitchen and bathroom that really need doing.


    All the tiles need to come off along with the panelling and the pipes re-run under the floor boards

  4. Well just made a purchace the kitchen will be the first to be done! hunting around for stuff on ebay turned up a fully fitted magnet kitchen with full appliances popped round to have a look turns out 5 years old hardly a mark on it and similar to what shape my kitchen is so put in a cheeky bid and won the lot off to start taking it out next week looks loads better than pictures show
    kitchen I'll still need new work tops etc just means that hopefully I'll have a bit more to spend on other bits and bobs like tiles and hopefully my wood burning stove :)

    total spent to far

    New fire insert £50
    New Kitchen sink £10 reduced in B&Q sale from £129
    fully fitted kitchen and appilances £215
    new pedal bin £20 in the sale
  5. Well collected the keys on Monday so all the fun starts now! The old water tank and back boiler is coming out today and being fitted with a Alpha CB 24

    I did notice the is an extortion in a box meter fitted ie power card :evil: However there is no meter before it ie the one that spins round is this correct? I'll post a picture later
  6. I have seen that before and IIRC that is your meter and the power card meter is easily replaced by provider
  7. Just an update ended up with a full new central heating system in the end as the boiler supplied was goosed. The kitchen has been fully ripped out and the walls all re-plastered kitchen partly in but as brother in law is doing it on the odd Sunday between jobs progress pn that front painfully slow.

    Opened up the old fire place in the bedroom and have a reclaimed fire place to go in and had the back re-tiled to mak a decorative feature had to shift 30kg's of slit out the back of the fireplace to clear it out.

    Bathroom being done now fitting a whirlpool bathroom suite in and having it fully re-tiled new ceiling and walls re-plastered. Ive painted the walls and ceiling already. Hopfully room will be done by next week.

    I'll post picutres later due to all the units etc being all over the place still not been unable to unpack and living in a building site is a pain in the arse but not as much as that fcuking gas meter and the useless cnuts from Onstream who own it :evil:
  8. Bathroom,

    All the tiles need to come off along with the panelling and the pipes re-run under the floor boards


    Well the bathroom was also goosed all the seals on the sink had gone and it was leaking water everywhere all done after tomorrow morning when the mastic around the shower has dried just got to add lino and touch up the paint in a few parts, Added a jacuzzi bath as well which works a treat just got to replace the door for an original style one and add some stained glass recovered from a pub in the glass area above the door frame
  9. Whens the housewarming Brett? :wink:
  10. Hopefully not too long you back over for the the hols? pop up for a pint
  11. No mate, having a quiet one before a 6 month holiday :roll:
  12. No worries mate gies a shout next time your over flat might be sorted by then!