Flat Frog

A boy, 12 years old walked down the street dragging a flattened frog on a string.

He stopped at the door of a house of ill repute and knocked.

The Madame answered it, asked the kid what he wanted.
“I want to have sex ”, he replied, “And I have the money and I won’t leave until I get it”.
The Madame shrugged - he had the money - so what the hell, give him what he wants.
“Come in and pick any of the girls you want”, she told him.
He asked, ”Do you have one called Amber”?
“Why yes, we do”, replied the Madame.
“That’s who I want to have sex with”, said the kid.
“Oh, well, he has the money and he knows which one, so what the hell”, thought the Madame, and she sent him upstairs to Ambers room.
Ten minutes later, still dragging the dead frog on it’s string, he came downstairs, paid the Madame and headed for the door.
“Just a minute, young man, if I may ask, why the hell did you want to have sex with Amber in particular?”
“Well”, said the kid, “I just heard two men talking down the street and one told the other that he had to go to Pox Doctor after having sex with Amber.”
“Well”? said the Madame, “How does that figure with you wanting to have sex with Amber when you know she’s not clean”?
“If you must know”, the kid replied, “tonight when I get home, my parents are going out and the baby-sitter has a thing about young boys and she’ll screw me and get what I got from Amber. When my father takes the baby-sitter home, he will give her a good talking to in the car and he will get what I gave the baby-sitter. Later tonight, dad will give my mom a hard time and she will get what the baby-sitter gave my dad. In the morning, after dad goes to work, Mack the Milkman will call and have a quickie with my mom over the kitchen table and get what my dad gave my mom.
And it was Mack the Milkman, the bastard, that ran over my pet frog”
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