Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Skullda-bash, May 29, 2006.

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  1. Any one here flat footed? Im not far off being able to join the AAC,something im looking forward to but am worried cos ive been told flat feetwillhold me back is this true? and is there a chance i can slip this past in the medical and say there just wide?
  2. How flat?

    Post a picture?
  3. soz mate im crap with pcs a couldnt get a picture on the thing if i tried, there wide id say about 5 inch wide, very noticable if you like feet but i still hav an arch but it is small. What you reckon, do you think i could get away with it?
  4. I do have a foot fetish, my only advice and this is serious, try wearing stilettoes around the house to improve the arch in your foot.

    One small piece of advice mate, before joining Gods corps, please stop the text speak :D
  5. And post pic's on here...... and wear your mums or sisters dresses at the same time.
  6. check your in box, oh and never lie on your medical unless its something you can hide. bear in mind you'll have 3 medicals before leaving phase one.
  7. Will do, and you cant be serious with the womens footware??? isnt there some type of man shoe what can help this problem?
  8. Orthotics, in some cases custom made ones, are the usual answer (several hundred pounds BTW)
  9. You think the RAF reg will be so picky about my feet?
  10. They might not but you should be.
  11. Get yourself some of these babies, you can get a Corps badge put on the side

  12. My feet are as flat as Dover Sole, but they didn't stop me from having a fantastically successful 12 years in the AAC, my attitude did.
  13. Good to see MDN has been taking piccies out of his family album again
  14. I thought that was MDN in the pose, I guessed that wearing his stilettoe's never worked properly. :)