Flat footed as an elephant and need new trainers

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by MAD_FERRET, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. The more people l talk too, the more widespread this problem seems to be so...

    Anyone else struggle for trainers if your flat footed?

    What compromises have you made / advice have you got

    Will the army offset the cost of having to buy some as the issue tarmac slappers are pants?

    lve tried most brands, reebok seemed ok but soon fell apart, and nike just blistered up my arches on anything past 5 miles

    Im running about 70 miles a week, and in the market for some new trainers again so whats the general preference for us flat footed types??
  2. I think you'll only get troll-like answers from here mate.

    My advice would be to visit a specialist running shop and see what they say.

    If you have the cash, go see a podiatrist and get an expert opinion on it.
    Good luck with it.
  3. its worth a try l thought but cheers bud
  4. l visited a specialist running shop and all they seemed to do was put me in the most expensive trainers they could find.

    bunch of wan***s!!
  5. Brooks Beast or Addiction have always worked for me in the past. Go to a specialist running shop, they will check your feet and watch you run, then recommend a shoe to suit you.
    Check the Brooks website to get an idea. I've never tried them, but Saucony and Asics are generally highly regarded as well.
  6. Sweatshop is where I but my running shoes. They will also ask you what your budget is and try and find a shoe within it. I also used to blister as I have to wear support shoes, until I recently bought a pair of Nike Air Structure Triax 10. These are quite a bit heavier than your normal shoe but gone are my sore knees and the blisters on my arches. Just go to a running shop and get sorted, Sweatshop also use a foot scanner to help select a shoe for you. www.runnersworld.co.uk also offers lots of advice and reviews on shoes. Let us know how you get on.
  7. M-F

    Check PM
  8. Oasics with a double strike sorbithane insole work wonders for me and i'm flat footed!

    slightly expensive but not the most expensive in the shop! have never had a problem with them at all! but do get your feet and legs movement looked at! you might not need special innersoles!
  9. Specialist running shop for a fitting. I have feet like a hobbit and still managed to get some I can run in comfortably. Podiatrist also a good idea if you think your feet are really bad as you will need support or some military physio's can also assess and provide insoles.

    Yes they are expensive - but so are new knees!!
  10. cheers for the advice all above, l shall venture out on saturday and see what l can get my sticky mitts on!!

    asics seem to be the way ahead, apparantly
  11. MF check out the runnersworld website

    Oddles of shoe advice here: Choosing a Shoe

    It's worth spending some decent cash, and taking the time to get properly fitted. If you have trainers you run in at the moment, take them with you so that they can assess them.

    Also if you're planning to run everyday, I'd recommend buying two pairs. Gives a chance for the shoe to recover between runs, and means they'll both last a bit longer (and smell less!). It probably won't be as expensive as you think, since a decent pair can be got for about £50 so spending £100 to make sure your tootsies keep in good nick is nuffink! :)

    And finally, don't be swayed by the big fashionable names and designs. Sometimes the best running shoes looking fcuking hideous with neon and silver stripes etc but they do the business. Pay no attention to the 'style' in terms of looks!
  12. Specialist running shops near you!

    Sole Obsession
    29 Harnham Road
    SP2 8JG
    tel: 01722 421 000

    Amesbury Sports
    3 Kingsway House
    Smithfield Street
    SP4 7AL
    tel: 01980 622902

    its like having google on ARRSE...

    Much appreciated :)
  14. You should'nt have a problem. I got a referral to an orthotics/podiatrist from my GP and therefore got proper insoles made for nothing. Then, took the insoles to a specialist running shop and had an assessment.

    They did'nt try and rip me off. I got a pair of good asiscs and what really helped was taking out the cover thing from inside which gives the insole more room to bed down in the shoe and therefore more room for ya feet.

    Did get blisters along the inside of my foot for a couple of weeks but now the skin is hard and got used to it so no problem wahtsoever. Hope this helps

  15. From a doc (and one who's had horrendous stress fractures from this) Brooks Beast are worth it. As is getting some gait analysis and specialist help from a podiatrist.