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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Orpheus, Feb 12, 2006.

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  1. I found an old post on this topic, but nothing too solid, as the poster had trouble typing in English and was abused for it. :D

    A friend of mine who is currently poking around somewhere in Africa without the internet or a phone (hence my asking), has started to seriously consider a career in the Army. He is fit, healthy and motivated. No medical history to speak of really. He does however have a pair of (very) flat feet on the end of his legs.

    So, his question is: Is there any point in preparing and training seriously if he is going to get turned down because of an ultimately 'cosmetic' anomoly. Bear in mind he doesnt and hasnt had any ankle/knee/hip pain, ever, and runs long distances frequently - all pain-free.

    Can the wise readers suggest anything? ('Join the RAF' does not count as a valid suggestion!)
  2. Hey,

    I have flat feet too - started wearing orthotics years ago as a result of some knee pain. Don't know if I'd classify mine as very flat but anyway. They did ask me about it during the Army medical (2004) but passed me easily. I suspect the critical thing is whether or not he can play sport without pain... sounds like he'll be fine.

  3. The important thing is that he is painfree in his feet, ankles, knees, hips and back despite running distances. If that is the case, he should be fine. It would be worth him trying to carry some weight over a decent distance as a true test but if that is OK - tell him to go for it!

    He may get some problems during training or as he gets older but orthotics are available through the medical system if needed in the future.

    Wish him luck from me and PM me if you want more info

  4. I suffer from fallen arches (flat feet) i dont know if it is urban myth about it affecting you getting into the army because i had no problems at all. Ive been in over ten years now and have never had any problems relating to my feet, despite having to do lots of running and tabbing.

    Then again im no doctor.
  5. Many thanks for your kind replies, I guess it wouldn't make sense to deny entry to a fit and pain-free person because their feet look different! I'll pass the good news along. :)
  6. I am 21 and im an infantry man with fallen arches. I had them before I got into the army but they have deteriorated to the point where I have suffered a serious knee injury and had half of my cruciate ligament removed. My advice is get some insoles straight away but not the solid half foot sized which the army provided for me. I would recomend getting a good sports podiatrist to make a pair of custom full sized foam insoles that are rigid enough but not solid as this causes blistering (believe me).
  7. Flat feet is not a purely cosmetic injury, even if at the moment your friend copes fine with them. He/ she will inevitably suffer from bad spinal/ hip/ knee and ankle pain. especially if he starts running to train for the army. take the condition as seriously as Mr. Sid says, get some decent insoles, i solved my flat feet issue with a pair of Superfeet insoles, not even custom orthotics, about £25 from Cotswold.

    Two people got turned away at ADSC Lichfield for flat feet when I was there!!!

  8. Jesus Christ, you're a biff :D A paddy to boot as well. Were you bad, in a previous life?
  9. Nah you see Stab the problem is with my giant schlong. The extra weight puts a lot of stress on my joints. Plus when aroused the loss of blood to my brain can cause me to faint. On the up side I have a very low centre of gravity which gives me good balance. So there are advantages and disadvantages.

  10. hi, im 18. im fit and healthy and all that and i want to join the army, and i just got a letter through the post telling me i am permanantly unsuitable for the army because of flat feet when i was in high school. i'm going to consult my G.P and try and get aroud it some how. any help or advice would be great.
  11. So why do some people get deffered but others don't?
  12. I joined junior Leaders in 1986 with horrribly flat feet, I am still going strong and have had no problems at all. They are still carrying me along despite a little extra poundage.
  13. Im confused.