Flat Feet

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Lewis, Oct 12, 2008.

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  1. Is there any way to prevent becomeing flat footed?
    My feet are going flat and im worried do they still let you in if you have flat feet?
  2. I was told in my medical at selection that i have slightly flat feet, but that it wasnt a major problem.
  3. THey used to say that picking up pencils and pennies with your toes strengthened the arches - God knows if it works.
  4. Flat feet can kill. Ask Chuck Norris.
  5. Don't deaspair, you could always play for England.
  6. I will do the picking up stuff.Maybe pick a fag up :D Hopefully will be allright cheers for the help.
  7. You ll be alright with that then. Just make sure said fag isnt a rupert, they look less favourably on it then
  8. If your feet are 'tuning flat' you could end up with all sorts of problems with the tendons in your feet. I had the problem from running in BCH the quack told me to buy some arch supports and sent me for physio sessions.
    Sticking my feet in buckets of ice and electro shock treatment was painful but got my feet back to normal.
  9. You won't have flat feet it's merely over-pronation of the ankle (and possibly the knee) and a lack of foot muscle. Suggest you get yourself along to a decent running store where they do gait analysis and get a pair of running shoes correct to your feet. I would also suggest that you may well enquire about orthotics for your boots etc. Depending on how flat your feet have become depends where you get them made: Uber flat feet require podiatrist whereas if your feet are flat to stand on but not in neutral you can have them made by many places such as Snow and Rock. They will do an analysis of you feet and most stores do gait analysis and stock a reasonable supply of running shoes.

    In the mean time you can build up foot muscle by placing a towel on the floor and use your toes in a crunching motion to gather it by your feet.

    Any Q's drop me a PM. I currently do all this for a living......... *geek*
  10. Good advice with the Orthotic insoles. I was told I have flat feet at selection but I still passed all of the tests so don't worry about it mate, it isn't a barr to service. I have found since using the Orthotic sports insoles that my running form has improved immeasurably. The only problem I have is with a slight pain sometimes in my left ankle (sprained my ankle as a child). My amateur advice is to buy a good pair of running shoes, I use Asics as I think they are the best if a little expensive. Couple that with some good quality Orthotic sports insoles and ease yourself into training. You should be fine mate. Good luck :D
  11. I've got them, fcuk me they hurt :cry:

    I found using the arches you used to get with Nike Air Max trainers brilliant, I still use them.
  12. I used to suffer terribly with flat feet, couldnt work out why my feet and shins always killed me after tabs (BCH and cheese grater insoles + plastic socks probably didnt help like) but finally I relented and went sick, and after only 475 minor operations the AMS managed to cure it forever..

    See results below only 2 weeks after the bandages came off.

  13. Cheers.
  14. Lots of medical advice here. On the other hand, my feet were and are as flat as flat can be: I had no issues on initial medical, and served to full pension point in the Infantry with no problems whatsoever. So, as long as they aren't hurting, you can forget about it...