Flat cat5/5e/6

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Infiltrator, May 23, 2007.

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  1. Hi Folks,

    I am planning to do some serious wiring in the near future, and as part of it I need to get some flat Cat5/5e/6....not really bothered which for what I want it for.....

    Anyway I can find shedloads of cables ready made up on the net, but so far the usuals of Blackbox and Maplin have let me down for a reel or box of the stuff for me to make up my own cable runs.

    Has anyone come across any of the stuff during their surfing time or cabling jobs? If so...where can I find it?

  2. I had a similar problem a few years ago. The only supplier I could find was Video Products Inc who do flat Cat 5e bulk cable or flat Cat 6 Patch cords. They are based in the US which wasn't a problem for me.

    I haven't had any problems with my installation, though if you are terminating into RJ45 sockets rather than RJ45 Plugs, the cable doesn't sit well in the connector so doing a tidy termination is a bit more difficult than with a conventional cable.
  3. Flat? Are you sure Cat 5 has to twist so it can't be flat. If the conductors were to be laid parallel then the whole point of the cable would be wasted..or is this a Wah?
  4. At the risk of a WAH, for Cat 5e each pair needs to be twisted, but the twisted pairs don't need to twist around each other so you can have the 4 pairs side by side in a flat cable. Cat 6 starts to separate the each twisted pair from each other twisted pair, and Cat 7 involves twisting the twisted pairs.
  5. Think it could be a WAH.

    The cable isnt flat, its in twisted pairs so there is less attenuation.

    As white horse says a flat cable would defeat the object.
  6. Flat Cat 5e

    You can get it but I've only seen it as made up patch leads. Possible it's more lossy than twisted pair??

    Need a Telemech!

  7. Thanks for the help so far, but this just sort of shows my point.

    The Misco stuff is standard 5e...round. Where as the Videkonline stuff is flat but ready made up. I suppose that if push comes to shove I could always buy the ready made up ones, cut the plugs off and reterminate.

    To answer the questions as to whether cat5 can be flat....yes it can, just have a look at the second link...the one to videkonline....the pairs, whilst twisted around themselves, are laid out side by side. It's not wafer thin, but it's a lot better than the round stuff for some situations.

    I'm not aware of any real crosstalk issues as the pairs are already twisted so they should cancel each other out in the first place...but even if there is, it should run fast enough for what I need it for.

    More suggestions welcome though.
  8. Thanks Expat....that's exactly what I am looking for. Shame it's in the States. I see that they do it on a 250ft drum....should do the job, and they do international delivery....if no one come up with a UK solution looks like I'll just have to pay and get it shipped over.

    Funny, I looked at VPI earlier in the week, but didn't spot the drums...

  9. Give these guys a try. I had some flat twisted pair off them last year to make up some cisco rollover console cables. Give them a call they are pretty helpful.
  10. Try these guys in Northampton,
    Hellermann tyton

    They make up cables for many companies..
  11. Thanks to one and all for your help....I'll follow up all your leads (no pun intended!).

  12. I've only ever seen it as a patch lead, and even then it wasn't rated above Cat5!

    Coming from my courses on Cat6 i was lead to believe the intire point of the cable was having the twists in the actual pairs, and the actual pairs twisted at different rates. If the cable was flat, but retains the twists, surely it would resemble a squat rectangle shape??
  13. Not only that but if you plan to lay it on the floor you will find if it runs under high traffic area's (doorways etc) it will soon break down it's sheathing and the plastic coating around the twisted pairs causing the cable to short out(telco application) or loose the data