Flat Cap Beret Competition 2012

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by bolo beret, Feb 3, 2012.

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  1. Due to the success of last year's Flat Cap Beret Competition it has been decided that the tradition will be continued nin 2012. We already have an early entry namely Pte Ben Simmer of 3 para who is featured on page 98 of the current Soldier Magazine. In the best traditions of "flat cap" berets, Ben wears his creation pulled so far forward that his eyes are nearly obscured. The cap badge is not visible from the front as it is rightly over his left ear. Well done Ben! A close contender is Sapper Lame Kebo (same page) who can barely see because of his low hanging creation. Entires please on a postcard.
  2. You mean like this?

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  3. How boring are you?
  4. Very, it would appear.
  5. "Where's the NAAFI, Corporal"

    "Take that plate out of your titfer and return it to the Cookhouse, sharpish, like"

    "My, you are a fresh faced little soul, aren't you, come into the back of this Auto 20
    and I'll show you how to make music...what, your name is Herbert Fitzpatrick, now
    that's a coincidence, mine is Patrick Fitzherbert, we really are going to get on like
    an house on fire but Sssh, don't tell the SSM. Are you ready? here it comes, brace
    yourself, 3-2-1..........Keep fcuking still, cnut!!