Flashy on the small screen

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Sir_Sidney_Ruff_Diamond, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. Well huzzah and hurrah and damn your eyes!

    Although it might not yet make it out of development hell. There are plans for Flashman to make it onto the Telly!

    Celtic Films have three episodes in development. See future projects at www.celticfilms.co.uk/

    And Picture Palce films is doing Flashman at the Charge with the full support of GMcDF

    My vote for the cad himself has got to be Stephen Mangan en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...hen_Mangan his combination of bullying and cowardice as seen on Green Wing makes him ideal IMHO.
  2. Yeah, but it's not OUR Flash is it
  3. Wasnt there a Flashman film made a few years back, with Oliver Reed as Bismark as I recall?
  4. One does what one can
  5. Yes and it was utter toss
  6. You're being unfair - but I admit that it could have been better. The casting was inspired, but the direction let it down....

    If the new production has GMFs backing, then it has my vote.
  7. I once asked GMF if he was happy with the casting of Malcolm McDowell as Flashy (ie a blond-haired skinny bloke rather than a strapping dark-haired lad as described in the books). Unfortunately, I was pisshed when I asked him, and can't remember what he said. :oops:

    I look forward to the new film etc - GMF's books have pride of place on my bookshelf, and Flashman is my greatest role model in life.. If I lend the books to someone and they don't love 'em, well frankly, I just can't trust them.
  8. So who would you see as the man himself?

    I will go further and say that Stephen Mangan's Green Wing and Barclaycard advert partner Julian Rhind-Tutt would make a good Lord Cardigan if they do 'At the Charge'
  9. Nah, not Mangan, not handsome enough. What about James Purefoy who played Mark Anthony in "Rome" recently? perfect IMHO. On reflection though, I was just reminded of what a first rate comic actor Stephen Fry is, a pity nobody put him up for Flashy about 15 years ago when he was thinner and younger, with a little make up and some luxuriant sideburns he would have been perfect!!!
    To be honest though I have a bad feeling about this as I doubt a TV adaptation will do the stories justice, and then there's the PC problem.

    Flashy is, by todays standards, an unreconstucted racist and
    Imperialist. Indeed for me,much of the pleasure to be had from the books comes from his plain speaking and hilariously offensive asides, all of which are part and parcel of the character and the times he lived in. I can't see them surviving the script-wrtiers, the inevitable PC censorship and the almost paralyzing need not to cause "Offence" :roll:.

    There is also the possibility that the stories will be turned into nothing more than some tedious lefty rant about the evils of the British Empire, with Flashy being held up as an example of the typical Brit of his day, better left alone methinks :(
  10. If GMF has a say in the writing then that should be ok. The PC stuff can be avoided if you set things in the past and write with a wink to the ironic (think Gene Hunt).

    It will either be great, or an unmitigated pile of sh1t, but nothing in between I fear.
  11. Think you may be right. Did you see the pigs ear that the BBC made of GMF's The Pyrates a few years ago? Don't think that the man was involved in the production of that one though
  12. Just to reassure people somewhat.

    One of the companies involved was also responsible for producing all the Sharpe films.

    So they will be good at making impressive looking massed battles with just a dozen Ukrainian extras then!
  13. I could not have expressed it better myself, its not only that you cannot trust them its that they become less than Human. I lost count of the number of copies of Flashman I saw in Afghanistan especially with US types regarding it as required reading.
  14. Of course, you're going to have to have a few Flashies. The books go from subaltern to Major General and not in chronological order. So you're going to need a young Flashy, a middle-aged Flashy and an old Flashy. Can't really think of anyone going the rounds now to do justice to any of the books but, on the plus side, they did come up with the excellent Sean Bean as Sharpe so they may be able to get someone new.
    Maybe Nigel Havers as the old Flashy but not really convinced. Dark haired and tall brings to mind Hugh Grant, Richard E Grant or Ioan Gruffudd but these are far too nice to portray Flashy properly. Time for the casting people to find a new bastard, methinks.