Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by AlienFTM, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I could have sworn there was a thread in here which asked the question, "If they were to render Flashman on either big or small screen, who should play him?"

    But bollixed if I can find it.

    I started reading them at Christmas (sadly days before GMF popped his DMS) and this question has continuously bothered me.

    I have always thought that (when I get there) Stephen Fry could model the older Flashman.

    Last neet, Wor Lass caught up with some episodes of Upstairs, Downstairs she is currently lifting from dark o'clock TV. I couldn't help but notice John Alderton playing a servant in some capacity or other, with long sideburns and tache and thought that physically he fitted the bill. His attempt at an accent was so poor I never worked out whether he was meant to be Irish, Sweaty or Sheepshagger, as he used all three accents in consecutive sentences. But he could probably do cavalry officer very well.

    Shame he must be even older than Stephen Fry.

    The floor is open.
  2. Think it was called "remakes of war films" or some such
  3. Perhaps the younger Flashy could be Ioan Gruffudd? He can do a posh officer (as per Warriors) and has built himself a nice carreer playing British military personnel. Even the odd Spam one in Blackhawk Down where he had a convincing epileptic seizure.
  4. Royal Flash was filmed with Malcolm Macdowell as Flashman (although not very successfully). Given that the Sharpe and Hornblower series were done so well on TV, I'm very surprised that Flashman hasn't had similar attention, considering the historical accuracy and diversity of locations.

    As for Flashy himself, Steven Fry is gay - hardly the bonking rascal type and John Alderton always comes across as a 'silly arse' type, probably because of his first role as a bumbling schoolteacher in Please Sir.

    Unfortunately, most of the actors who specialised in being cads and bounders are now either too old, or dead.
  5. If only Big Ollie Reed was still with us :cry:
  6. Apparently the people who did Sharpe, UTV, are looking at doing a remake of Flashman. The reason why it hasn't happened thus far is that George Mcdonald Fraser had demanded that he had complete creative control over the screenplay, which isn't acceptable to the Tv companies. There was a rumor going around that Daniel Day Lewis was going to play the ultimate cad.

    Personally I think Boris Johnston would be quite good.
  7. Boris Johnson would be great I think.

    I've got to agree about Stephen Fry, he would be ideal for the knackered old Flashy harumphing away in the Guards Club or the Army and Navy. :D

    Perhaps Rik Mayal (in something close to his 'Lord Flasheart' persona would do the trick?
  8. There are a number of Flashman projects in serious development - all of which enjoyed George Mcdonald Frasers (pbuh) full approval. I believe there are three 90 min TV episodes and another outfit is doing a couple of Movies.

    Full funding is in place for all projects and I believe that the ladies will be more than happy with the actors chosen to represent Flashy.

    Once I have a moment I will dig out the links.
  9. From Wikipedia

    "As of January 2007, Celtic Films indicate on their website that they have a series of Flashman TV films in development. Picture Palace have announced they are currently developing Flashman at the Charge for TV and that the script has been prepared by George Macdonald Fraser himself. Both companies took an extensive role in developing Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe (TV series). Recent rumours suggest that James Purefoy, (Mark Antony in the recent BBC / HBO series Rome), has provisionally accepted an offer to play Flashman. This is still unconfirmed as of June 2007.

    Playwright Patrick Rayner wrote the radio play adaptation Flashman at the Charge which was broadcast in 2004 and again in 2008 on BBC Radio 4."

    Brief info at




    They did Sharpe so have a track record in delivering the goods with a cast of tens.

    To play the big man will need several actors because of the time, but for the key 'At the Charge', 'Great Game', 'Lady' period it just has to be Stephen Mangan, (Green Wing, Confetti, those Barclaycard ads) who has just the right mix of bully and coward IMHO.
  10. James Purefoy would probably be quite good. Wonder whether GMF had the time to make any suggestions...
  11. Lawrence Fox (if a bit bulkier, don't think old Flashy was so ill fed) or how about that chap that played the lead spook in, erm... Spooks recently?

    Both cahps would need to dye hair though.
  12. Rupert Penry-Jones was Adam in Spooks. Heart throb with the ladies, envy of men, could do the dashing action stuff and also handle the soppy romantic scenes..... yep, he'd be perfect!
  13. Rupert Penry-Jones is blonde. Flashman is supposed to be dark haired. Perhaps Clive Owen?

    (However Sean Bean bears no likeness to Sharpe in the books)
  14. Big Ollie Reed was Bismarck in Royal Flash.