'ArmyCadetForce.com will be offline on the day of his funeral as a sign of respect', big ups fellah.
Any news of the 'inquiry'?
Streets to be lined by ACF young thrusters holding back the grief whoring civpop?
So what caused his demise? I would hope a sudden unexpected condition. Something that cannot give fuel to any unwarranted suggestions.

I must say though that for an ACF type he seems to have had loads of different uniforms, and I was in the St John's Ambulance, so I know whereof I speak. At least there seems to be no offspring to miss him, sorry for the bride though.
I'm surprised the Olympics is being allowed to continue quite frankly, they could have easily suspended the competition until after the funeral.
Doesn't the Nation realise a Hero has died?
Now come on lads, I'm as close to the bone as anyone else on here dare me to be but for **** sake, have some respect, a dear leader had diead and gone to heaven and its not his passing that we should be lest about.

Think of the kids man!!!

They have lost a great teacher, just think how they shall no longer be taught such great life skills such as:

cam creme really buggers up ID parades if you put it on different that day

ky is great as a sneaky beaky aid to keep the young cadet schtumn when on camp, especially in conjunction with black nasty

orders are orders and orders are law so you will rim my ring piece cdt cpl or you're breaking the law

see, it's all useful stuff.
Why was he called Harry Flashman by the cadets? No and I am not insinuating he was a flasher!
Sounds like an incredibly colorful man, who gave a lot to the community and was a good sport. Pity he decided he had to go. Sympathies to his fiancee and family.

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