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For the many of you who have read the Flashman series by George Macdonald Fraser I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the Flashman movie made in 1975. It starred Malcolm MacDowell as the moustachioed hero and was based on the Royal Flash story.
I saw a bit of it on TV several years ago but it has not been on since and isn't in the shops in any form.

Does anyone know where a copy can be acquired?
Yep - you should find video copies on ebay - damned shame they never filmed the rest of them.
2 bits of that film that have me laughing uncontrollably

Oliver Reed as Bismarck riding across a grand vista with the Ride of the Valkyries in the background

Camera pans back to reveal Olly marching on the spot and 2 blokes moving with a very large painting.


"The Prince is known for his trick snooker shots you must practice more"

Camera moves away to reveal surface of snooker table looking like Somme + 2

Brilliant, I would have liked to see more of those filmed, or even MacAuslan in the Rough.


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PartTimePongo said:

Brilliant, I would have liked to see more of those filmed, or even MacAuslan in the Rough.
Definitely PTP, plus The General Danced at Dawn and The Sheikh and the Dustbin.

Excellent books and all should be on the Required Reading list at Sandbags.
I do agree, I read them a few years back and loved them. Also GMF's autobiographical account of his time in Burma in WW2 'Quartered safe out here' is well worth reading. It is on the RMAS reading list in spite of accusing RCBs at the time of 'Incapable of selecting bus conductors, let alone officers.' :D
A remembrance of heroes past


Link to what I think was a wonderful article written by GMF around 1997/98. I think I saw it first in The Sunday Times, but ISTR that it was originally a speech delivered by GMF to an audience which included Lady Thatcher - she is mentioned at the end.

I hope you enjoy what GMF had to say about political correctness, his Burma comrades ("racists who had a loyalty to their Indian and African and Chinese and Burmese and Afghan and Gurkha comrades which no modern liberal could even begin to understand"), Dianification, ostentatious grieving and the cult of the victim instead of the cult of the hero.

Depressing in some ways but with a strong ending. Shabash, GMF!!
Many thanks for that link, Hackle. As a longtime admirer of GMF (ever since I saw him interviewed on 'Nationwide' as the upstart writing a tale on the back of 'Tom Brown's Schooldays', actually), and as one who considers 'Quartered Safe out 'ere' one of the very best among all the reminiscences of WW2, I'm particularly grateful for being able to read the expansion of the opinions which he expressed in that book, and which I, for one, consider to be wholly and admirably valid. Treasonable according to the New Labour/Guardian Project, of course, but that's no bad thing.
For more rants by GMF (most of which are very thought provoking) read his book 'The Lights on Signboard' (?). Lots of his celebrity stories (he worked extensively as a scriptwriter since the war) interspersed with late in life attacks on the establishment and New Labour. Quite good actually...

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