Flashes new hobby

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Nov 21, 2003.

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  1. MIGHTY !! Your naughty !
  2. 8O Just seen my dinner for the second time tonight.

    That has got to be the foulest image I have ever seen.

    If I ever want to fool the boss and chuck up at will, I shall think of that. 8O
  3. That's just wrong! Sick and wrong!
    Erm... Just a thought... You found that link, how exactly?
    Are you suggesting that his new past time is trawling the web for dirty, dirty pictures, or did you find that one yourself? :D
  4. Bloody hell!
    Not a lot more to be said, that is awful...

    ...although i once saw some a similarly awful spatter of filth in a portaloo at Okehampton once, terrifying stuff!

    Civ 8O
  5. Well MDN you have taken the title off me for the foulest post! that link makes snow white post very very tame :p

    Stand by to lose the title thou ............... im gonna get it back :wink:
  6. I feel a very distasteful competition coming on...
    IceB take a look at Landie Bashir's link in the Gunner forum - under the Ballistic Quality of Dogs thread. Don't bother if you're a cat / animal lpver though.
    I reckon that must be up there with the grossest of the gross.
  7. If it's distasteful your after, mdn has about 10 gigabites on his hard drive.

    Dogs, other mammals, dead chicks (most are his old chicks) and plenty of poo related hilarity.

    If the Flying squad popped round for a chat, he'd be doing a ten stretch in the cell next door to Gary Glitter. :lol:
  8. Err.........no thanks. I'd rather hang on to my (very expensive) Sunday lunch

    OK. Do we give them both a call and tell them to stand by?