Flashchat and ubuntu

I am running Ubuntu Linux (Dapper Drake) and when I try to go to chat, Firefox just seems to hang.

Are there any uber-geeks out there who could help?

Are you using the, 'AddBlock' extention? This could be where your problem lies. Especialy if you have updated Firefox to 1.5 and not updated the, 'Addblock' extention.
I am using adblockplus with filterset.g

I will disable it and see what happens.

Now I get a warning that a thread in the script has coused everything to slow down. Do I want to terminate the thread? Only option yes...

There is no flash player 8 for linux...
msr said:
There is no flash player 8 for linux...
Yes I know. The fix is still relevant though. Other people I chat to on line have had the same problems, both with Linux and Windows. The problems are not limited to just, 'Flash', content but, 'Java', also.

You could try going back to Firefox 1.2, which the current Flash player was written for. But then you will loose the extra security of the later versions of Firefox.

I'm fairly sure the problems you are having are to do with the, 'Addblock', extention though. Is there an update available?
Have had a chance to try addblockplus with g-filter outopdate, I was on a win box earlier. Unfortunatly I only have Knoppix to play with and thats a live CD, so I can not update to the latest release of firefox.

Firefox 1.04 with adblockplus g-filter autoupdater and flash is running as should do.

The only thing I can think of to trouple shoot is to start firefox in safe mode. From a shell type, 'firefox -safemode', without the quotes. Then try to login to chat. If it works this would indecate the problem lies with an extention. If it does not work, then plan B should be put into service. Though I have no idea at this time what plan B will be.

Let me no what ever happens as I have access to some real Linux geeks.
Makes no odds - looks like I will have to do without chat in a effort to rid my system of the plague of Billg.

I have posted on another forum and will post back here if I get any descent responses.

From what I have read Abode do not intend to release a version of Flash 8 for Linux but will release a Linux supported version with the next major update. I believe your version of Ubuntu is a bit on the bleeding edge? So perhaps your problems will be sorted at some point in the future?

Just a suggestion, as you appear to be determined to stick with Linux. If you are happy with Ubuntu and do not want to try another distribution. Perhaps as a temporary solution you might consider one of the Live Distributions available.

No installing just run from a CD or DVD drive, this would allow you to keep your current OS. I use Knoppix my self on a laptop with no hard drive. It is very limited but I can at least get into a Flash chat room with it.

There are other live distributions, in fact Ubuntu has one.
Thanks for your help. When I find a solution, I will post it here.


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